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Coffee in Portland, Maine: Bard Coffee

Drinks Meister Post a comment

The other Portland has some pretty good coffee roasters coming up, too. On a recent trip to Maine, we enjoyed a sonnet-worthy cup at Bard Coffee, a small indie that's caffeinating the city's Old Port one handcrafted cup at a time. More

Now Enrolling Members: NYC's Fair Folks Cafe

Drinks Liz Clayton 1 comment

The experiment is an interesting one which seeks to formalize the concept of the "regular" cafe patron, within an unusual setting. For $25 a month, members of the cafe are entitled to free coffee daily—that's brewed coffee, cappuccino, espresso, you name it (and name it as many times a day as you like)—from their full-service coffeebar. More

Now Brewing in NY: Everyman Espresso SoHo

Drinks Liz Clayton 2 comments

Though the continually expanding New York City coffee scene is often made up of newcomers, it's also natural for existing shops to replicate themselves in other parts of town. What's not always natural is for them to outdo themselves tenfold. More

How Long Would You Stand In Line for Coffee?

Drinks Meister 35 comments

As hand-crafted coffee becomes increasingly prevalent, those of us with a taste for the good stuff seemingly spend more time waiting around for it. But is there a limit to how long we'll wait for quality? More

Coffee in Austin, Texas: Once Over Coffee Bar

Drinks Meister 2 comments

This funky, independent Austin coffee shop keeps in tune with the so-called Live Music Capital of the World with its quirky, upbeat focus on community, coffee, and, above all else, quality. More

Poll: Should Coffee Shops Ban Laptops?

New York The Serious Eats Team 54 comments

Last week, the New York Times reported on coffee shops that have started to ban, or otherwise actively discourage, laptop use. Of course, perks like WiFi and ample seating are part of what draw customers to many coffee shops in the first place. But when they start to look more like libraries in exam time than cafés, it's understandable that the owners would want to push back. What do you think? Should coffee shops ban laptops? Take the poll » More

Starbucks to Offer Free WiFi

Adam Kuban 16 comments

According to the Wall Street Journal, Starbucks will begin offering free WiFi service in its locations beginning July 1, 2010. Previously WiFi was available in Starbucks stores under a variety of options, both free and paid. The new policy ends the ambiguity and also gives customers free access to otherwise paid content on sites such as ... the Wall Street Journal. The move comes after McDonald's started offering free WiFi in locations. Is this welcome news to you? Will you hang out longer in Starbucks now? More

Favorite Coffee Spots From Off-Duty Baristas

Drinks Meister 5 comments

Savvy eaters know that discovering great restaurants sometimes means following the best chefs after hours. But while Eric Ripert can turn a late-night-snack spot into an overnight sensation, would you trail your favorite top-notch barista to their go-to cafe after they finish a shift? Three baristas share their favorite spots. More

Seattle: The Original Starbucks at Pike Place Market and Trying Clover-Brewed Coffee

Drinks Erin Zimmer 25 comments

The first Starbucks location at Pike Place Market in Seattle (opened in 1971) is special and all, but it's the one-year-old location a few blocks away that really rocks. It has more seating, "stay-in" ceramic mugs, and most importantly, a Clover brewing system. More

Zummo’s Café in Scranton, Pennsylvania

BrianYarvin 15 comments

"This is Zummo's Café—Pennsylvania's, and perhaps America's, best coffee shop." If you're the sort of person that doesn’t know why they should visit Scranton, Pennsylvania—except to see if the Dunder Mifflin office really exists—I'm here to help. Imagine you're lost in a sort of run down neighborhood. You spot a café, and pull over. It’s across the street from a church, down the street from a storefront courtroom, Catholic school, and rectory and in an old wood-frame house. A police car is parked outside and construction workers are having a smoke out front. What do you expect? Plastic-wrapped danishes? Week-old doughnuts? At least you'll get directions. When you walk in though, you notice the Clover machine. Yeah, they make coffee... More

Barista in the Wild, Part 5: The Future of the Coffee Shop

Drinks Allison Hemler 15 comments

It might be the largest Starbucks I've ever seen—or at least it appeared to be. As the first LEED-certified store in the company, the intention is to pave the way for future locations. In typical down-home coffee shop style, they offer drinks "to stay." No prices on the menu board means you should come with at least five dollars and cross your fingers. Employees encourage a cup of Clover-crafted coffee, made with small batch beans ground to order and miraculously prepared to enhance the flavor profile. More

McCafe: McDonald's New Fancier, Pricier Coffee

New York Erin Zimmer 33 comments

For McDonald's, this is the biggest roll-out since they birthed Egg McMuffins and the rest of the breakfast line. McCafe, the new beverage-based initiative that's supposed to quiet the drip coffee haters, will eventually be located in 85 percent... More

Sugar Rush: Grapenut Ice Cream from Bittersweet

New York Erin Zimmer 9 comments

After the Brooklyn Flea this weekend, I took a stroll around the nabe. In the mood for a refreshing nibble, I misread the "Jamaican Grapenut" flavor on the chalkboard menu at Bittersweet to be "grapefruit." Mini fiber-laden pellets aren't... More

Tea Lounge May Open in Brooklyn Heights

New York Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Though last year was a sad year for Tea Loungers, who waved goodbye to the 7th Avenue location in Park Slope, the mini chain's third location may be reincarnated in Brooklyn Heights later this year. The proposed address: 111 Hicks... More

Kenyan Street Food in Jersey City

New York Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Thanks to the Orange Democratic Movement, Kenyan immigrants have taken residence in Jersey City, and Robert Sietsema approves of the mandazi (a sweet fritter commonly sold on Nairobi streets) that they've brought with them. Available for $1 at Mallory Coffee... More

Sugar Rush: $1 Cookie Dough 'Shots' at the Roasting Plant

New York Carey Jones 5 comments

Like every other kid in America, my favorite part of baking cookies was sneaking dough from the bowl. Truth be told, I never really grew out of this habit. Even in high school, my friends and I would buy Toll... More

Abraço in the East Village: Go For The Coffee, Stay For The Food

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

There has been no shortage of words spilled on the glory of Abraço Espresso’s coffee. This tiny East Village espresso bar—we’re talking elbow your way in, standing-room-only tiny—excels with any incarnation of the coffee bean. Abraço’s espresso is deep... More

Roots Cafe in South Slope Wins With Stumptown Coffee, Bologna Sandwiches

New York Erin Zimmer 5 comments

South Slope's 5th Avenue started 2009 with two new coffee shops. A sterile soulless-feeling chain off 16th Street called High Point with multi-colored triangular flags outside that should go back to the car dealership, and the polar opposite, Roots... More

Sugar Rush: Chai at Ost Cafe

New York Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

East Village tea and coffee shop, Gramstand shuttered its doors for the final time in early December, leaving nearby residents homeless of a roomy, wifi-endowed café. We are not without quality coffee in the area—think 9th Street Espresso, Abraco,... More

WiFi Menus Urge Moochers to Buy Cafe Food

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

It's pretty easy to sneak into a coffee shop, yank some internet, do what you need to do and skedaddle. No muffin? No $4 latte? Why when you can pretend to be invisible! Since that's not cool for the cafe, Holland's largest chain of coffee shops called CoffeeCompany is using WiFi names to insert menu hints like: "HaveYouTriedTheCarrotCake?" and "Mmm...YummyMuffinsOnly1,99." [via SwissMiss]... More

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