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13 Signature Drinks Paired with Regional Hot Dogs

Hawk Krall 18 comments

The next time you're in hot dog territory, wash down your dog with a can of Grapico, Moxie, a "Boston Cooler" or maybe even an ice cold mug of delicious fresh buttermilk. Some of these pairings are, yes, very strange. More

Rhode Island Showdown: Coffee Milk Taste Test

Leah Douglas 23 comments

Coffee milk is the state drink of Rhode Island. But so few consume it outside of this little state! After failing to explain the drink's importance to non-Rhode-Islanders, I decided it was time for a definitive answer. That's right—it was time for a taste test. I tried three brands of syrup side-by-side to find the yummiest: the two classics (Autocrat and Eclipse) and a newcomer (Morning Glory). More

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