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The Lifespan of a Coffee Plant

Drinks Meister 5 comments

Coffee and human beings are native to roughly the same area of the world, so it makes a kind of sense that we have almost the same sort of life cycle. We must be made for each other. More

Drinking The Coffee Cherry: What's the Deal with Bai?

Drinks Meister 5 comments

Packed with antioxidants, apparently an effective antidepressant, and a delicious wake-up call every morning, coffee is already a potent beverage surrounded by a media swirl of health claims (some dubious, some legit). So do we need a new drink made out of the "superfruit" that surrounds the beans we already have been roasting, grinding and brewing for thousands of years? And does it taste good? More

Ever Wonder What a Coffee Cherry Tastes Like?

Drinks Meister 5 comments

It's easy to forget that coffee comes from a fruit, since hardly anybody outside of coffee-producing countries ever gets to see the stuff ripening in its natural state. This past week I got the opportunity to chomp on a few of these little beauties while visiting coffee farms in Nicaragua. Want to know what they're like? Of course you do. More

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