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Coffee Jargon: Espresso 'Ristretto'

Drinks Meister 6 comments

Some like 'em long, some like 'em short, and some like 'em all. But what exactly is an espresso ristretto? You're about to find out. More

Coffee Filters: You Should Clean Them

Drinks Meister 13 comments

Paper coffee filters are disposable, so they should always be clean, right? Well, sort of: Despite their box's tamper-evident packaging, paper filters come with a host of taste contaminants all their own. From the basic papery flavor they can contribute themselves to the slightly dirty or woody taste that can come from any dust that might settle inside them, paper filters are a subject of much discussion and disagreement among incredibly discerning coffee lovers: To rinse or not to rinse? More

Coffee Tragedies: The Shattered French Press

Drinks Meister 29 comments

You've got freshly ground coffee brewing in your French press, your timer ticking the seconds away until that precious four-minute mark. You're mere moments away from enjoying the first cup of the morning when—uh oh—the plunger won't depress. What's going on? Here's how to avoid a shattered French Press, and why it happens in the first place. More

How to Brew Coffee in a Chemex

Drinks Liz Clayton 5 comments

It's easy, it's delicious, and it couldn't be more stylish. In recent years, the super-simple Chemex coffee brewer has come out of the garage sale and into the limelight and regained its place on the counter and coffee bar. The handsome flask-carafe is American-made (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) item of both form and function, available surprisingly widely from grocery store aisles to haute cafes. So how do you make coffee in it? More

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