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Now Steeping: The Softbrew Coffee Brewer

Drinks Liz Clayton 1 comment

The high-design Sowden Softbrew is an intriguing infuser that looks more like a tea-steeping pot than the coffeemaking carafe it is. But we like surprises, and this full immersion strainer-basket brewer has potential. More

Coffee History: The French Press

Drinks Meister 18 comments

Can it be that the French press was actually invented by—sacrebleu!—an Italian? Today, we'll investigate the origins of this user-friendly coffee brewer. More

Coffee History: The Percolator

Drinks Meister 15 comments

What would family reunions and church-basement get-togethers be without the humble coffee percolator? One of the earliest "modern" coffee-brewing tools, these were originally intended for small-scale home use and could be heated on a stove; though electric versions are more common in commercial environments today, millions of folks still rely on percolator technology to brew their morning cup. Today I'll offer a little about the history of this type of coffee maker, its inventors, and innovations. More

Coffee Shops that Use Clover Coffee Brewers

Adam Kuban 7 comments

Did you read the article about high-end coffee brewers in the New York Times today? If so, you're probably wondering where you can find a coffee shop that uses one of the $11,000 Clover brewing machines mentioned. Easy enough. Just use the Find a Clover map on the company's website. Turns out there are quite a few more than the handful of locations the paper mentions. After the jump, a video of a Clover in action, if you're curious.... More

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