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4 Hottest Coffee Gadgets of 2012

If there's one thing coffee enthusiasts are consistently great at, it's being fickle. Whether it's how one stirs, skims, or pours, each year ushers in new ideas and toys that absolutely, positively contradict and improve upon old thinking. Old like you know, last year. We now take a moment to revisit four of 2012's most trendy coffee tools. More

A Look at the Steampunk Coffee Brewer

This tricked-out-siphon-turned-glass-pipe-organ brewed coffee contraption may be arriving soon at a coffee place near you. Building on the popularity of by-the-cup brewed coffee, the Steampunk tries to do one better on the super-elaborate, high-ticket brewers like the Bunn Trifecta and the Clover: and do it four different, programmable cups at a time. More

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