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Blackberry Royal

Serious Eats The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

This cocktail from The Spotted Pig is more complex than it looks—this is a cocktail drinker's cocktail, not a syrupy Kir Royale. More

Orange-Infused Vodka with Carrot Juice and Clover Blossoms

Serious Eats Heather Arndt Anderson 1 comment

The natural choice of spirits for a light, vegetal cocktail is vodka. To brighten things up a skosh, I infused crisp Monopolowa vodka with thick swaths of orange zest, removed with a potato peeler (taking care to leave the bitter pith behind). More

Cider Sangria

Serious Eats Chris Lehault 2 comments

This one's a cidery twist on white sangria, with a sparkling semidry cider and fruit infused with ice cider to add tons of rich fruit flavor. Feel free to substitute whatever local fruit is in season. More

Drink the Book: Old Fashioned Jelly Shots

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 7 comments

It's easy to reimagine light, fruit juice-based drinks as jelly shots, but what about more serious cocktails? For my first foray into the world of Jelly Shot Test Kitchen I decided to tackle a classic, the Old Fashioned, to see how it would fare in jelly form. More


Serious Eats Caroline Russock Post a comment

These gin-based Herbaltinis are like a California-fied Tom Collins, all gin and citrus with bright green herbal notes that carry through the cool, refreshing drink. Adapted from The Sunset Cookbook, this is the kind of cocktail I imagine mixing up if I had a gorgeous Southern California backyard filled with citrus trees and bushy patches of fresh herbs. But even when mixed up in the dead of winter from supermarket produce and herbs, this cocktail was fresh and light, a sort of winter pick-me-up thanks in equal parts to the citrusy summery flavors and the gin. More

James Beard's Champagne Punch

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 4 comments

Where does the legendary James Beard come into play with this recipe? Well, Beard was known to favor a glass of Champagne as an aperitif, perhaps the bubbly base for this punch had a little something to to with that. It's a classy, heady mix of Champagne (or more economically, prosecco, cava, or any other dry sparkler), Cognac, Cointreau, and orange and lemon juices—the kind of drink that goes down a little too easy. More

Homemade Ginger-Cardamom Soda With Lime

Serious Eats Michael Dietsch 1 comment

Although this recipe for Ginger Soda makes a fine quaff, I'd like to urge you to think of it as a template for creating other non-alcoholic drinks for party guests. The basic idea is simple: you create a flavored syrup,... More

Negronis For a Crowd

Serious Eats Michael Dietsch Post a comment

For a stress-free bash, I recommend making bottled cocktails in advance. This recipe makes a killer Negroni that will stun and delight millions of people! Okay, maybe just eight people. More

Apple Brandy Old-Fashioned

Serious Eats Marleigh Riggins Miller 9 comments

An Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail is a simple mixture of whiskey, sugar, bitters and a citrus peel. It is a sublimely simple and delicious preparation for a wide range of spirits besides just whiskey—rum, tequila, brandy—and a fine apple brandy is no exception. Showcasing the earthy flavor of fermented apples with just a bit of sugar and bitters is a perfect preparation to enjoy classic holiday flavors in a new way. More

French in a Flash: Cosmopolitan Kir Royales

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky 1 comment

A marriage of the Cosmopolitan and the Kir Royale, Champagne gets dressed up with cranberry juice and Triple Sec. Alcoholic, slightly sweet, and slightly tart, and you'll be thankful you took a few sips of this festive cocktail. More

Cook the Book: The Throwdown Cocktail

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 1 comment

On the Cocktails episode of Throwdown, Flay found himself pitted against Tobin Ellis, Vegas bartender extraordinaire. It was one of those challenges where Flay shouldn't have stood a chance but thanks to a consult with cocktail guru Dale Degroff, Flay was able to come up with a rum-based cocktail took the prize. With sweet chunks of pineapple, herbal notes from basil and mint, a spicy ginger syrup, and rich float of coconut cream, The Thowndown Cocktail won the judges over. I mixed up a pitcher of these Throwdown!-inspired cocktails at home—it only took one sip to figure out why Flay was the winner of this challenge. The mix was sweet and tropical, but with enough bright and sour notes to keep it from being cloying. More

Mix It Up: The Joey Ramone at Peels

New York Laren Spirer 3 comments

Anyone who spent time on the Bowery twenty years ago would barely recognize it today—boutique hotels, luxury condos, and restaurants galore. Peels is the latest edition to 2010's Bowery, occuping a bi-level space on the corner of East 2nd Street,... More

Joey Ramone Cocktail from Peels

Serious Eats Laren Spirer Post a comment

Photo: Yana Volfson This drink from Yana Volfson at Peels, a liquid tribute to rocker Joey Ramone, uses all American ingredients, from the Laird's Applejack, made in New Jersey, to Kedem grape juice, made from New York Concord grapes.... More

Toasty Bunz Cocktail from 8th Street Wine Cellar

Serious Eats Laren Spirer Post a comment

Bonny McKenzie, who has worked at the Wine Cellar since its opening, is often called "Bunz." She took a classic martini, gave it a Chartreuse rinse and a flamed orange peel garnish, creating the Toasty Bunz. More

Mix It Up: Toasty Bunz at the 8th Street Wine Cellar

New York Laren Spirer 1 comment

Having a good local bar is key, especially in a city like New York, where cramped quarters often make gathering en masse at someone's apartment impractical and uncomfortable. What makes a local particularly good? Proximity to one's home is essential,... More

Mix It Up: The Negroni at Chestnut

New York Laren Spirer 2 comments

Sometimes, just a tiny tweak to a classic gives it a little boost. Chestnut, on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, has long been a favorite of mine on the food front, with a reasonably priced menu featuring seasonal food primarily... More

Mix It Up: King's Town Punch at Quarter Bar

New York Laren Spirer 2 comments

[Photograph: Laren Spirer] Upon first glance, Quarter Bar in Windsor Terrace looks very much like a brew pub, with artfully battered wooden tables and a somewhat rustic feel. But look closely, and you'll find a handful of wines being... More

Mix It Up: Smoke & Mirrors at Huckleberry Bar

New York Laren Spirer Post a comment

[Photograph: Laren Spirer] Walking through the doors at Huckleberry Bar transports you from a fairly nondescript block in Williamsburg to a stylish yet comfortable cocktail den—more like something you'd expect to find in Carroll Gardens or the East Village.... More

Mix It Up: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails at Rouge Tomate

New York Laren Spirer 1 comment

"This is not Jamba Juice." Cucumber Cooler [Photograph: Laren Spirer] There are times in even the most dedicated cocktail lover's life when he or she abstains from alcohol. Maybe you're feeling under the weather, maybe you're on antibiotics, maybe you're... More

Mix It Up: The Painful Itch at Painkiller

New York Laren Spirer 1 comment

[Photograph: Laren Spirer] On a three-day summer weekend with the weather forecast predicting temperatures well into the 90's, a super-cold, super-icy drink sounds mighty appealing. My mind starts wandering to drinks made with crushed ice—juleps, swizzles—and also those fabulous... More

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