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A Sandwich a Day: Turkey Club at Le Petit's Kitchen in San Francisco

We like to think of the Tenderloin as being filled with some of the best food-secrets of San Francisco. Sandwiches are no exception. Take Le Petit's Kitchen, a nondescript sandwich shop that could easily pass as your run-of-the-mill lunch spot. Until you look at the menu, that is, and see broadcast across the top in all CAPs: WE BAKE OUR OWN SOURDOUGH. Magic words to any San Franciscans eyes. More

Cook the Book: Duck Club Sandwich

While a run-of-the-mill club sandwich might not be something to get worked-up over, the version served at Blue Ribbon certainly is. Dry, bland turkey is replaced with seared duck breast, crisp and perfectly seasoned on the outside, moist and medium-rare within. A slightly sweet and cinnamony Raisin Walnut Bread takes over for bland white bread, and a homemade Olive Oil Mayonnaise brings the sandwich all together. More

Dinner Tonight: Club Sandwich

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger] The club sandwich is a tall wonder containing turkey (sometimes chicken), lettuce, tomato, bacon, and no less than three slices of bread, all cut into quarters and secured with frilly toothpicks. I was so ready to have a gleeful romp with the American classic that I even bought the special toothpicks and a bag of chips to dump in the middle. You can't imagine my high spirit as I sat down to this light dinner. Nowadays the sandwich is bastardized because it is usually made as a three-decker, which is not authentic (whoever started that horror should be forced to eat three-deckers three times a day the rest of his life)... — James Beard on the... More

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