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Chef Jonathon Sawyer's Guide to Eating in Cleveland

Chef Jonathon Sawyer operates six diverse restaurants in Cleveland. Although he has a hectic schedule (we spoke to him in midst of an unexpected restaurant inspection), Sawyer makes a point of dining out and trying all sorts of different restaurants around town so he can give visiting friends and family the best food recommendations. "I think it's important to be an ambassador of the city," he says. More

Cleveland: Stunning Burgers at The Greenhouse Tavern

Few will seriously dispute the claim that The Greenhouse Tavern is one of the best restaurants in Cleveland. And the build-your-own four-course meal might be the best value I've experienced at a higher end restaurant. If you're fortunate enough to check out chef Jonathan Sawyer's downtown establishment, it's definitely worth exploring the menu as much as possible, but passing over the burgers would be a huge mistake. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Polish Boy from Freddie's Rib House in Cleveland

Ever had a Polish Boy? Cleveland's signature sandwich is comprised of a giant kielbasa covered in french fries, cole slaw and barbecue sauce on a giant sandwich roll. An interesting combination of the city's barbecue and Eastern European traditions, it also brings to mind Chicago's minimalist "Depression Dog", or even Pittsburgh's cole-slaw-and-french-fries deli sandwiches. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Steve's Lunch in Cleveland, Ohio

Steve's Lunch is a tiny 24-hour counter with about eight seats on a semi-abandoned block in Cleveland. Walking in on a rainy day to a couple of eccentric regulars shooting the breeze was like living inside a panel of American Splendor (an autobiographical comic book series by Cleveland native Harvey Pekar). Steve's has only closed for business a handful of times since 1955, either when Kennedy was shot, after 9-11, or once for Christmas, depending on which staff member or patron's story you choose to believe. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Cleveland's Polish Boy

It's fitting that Cleveland's signature dish is the Polish Boy: a grilled kielbasa on a hefty roll topped with cole slaw, a pile of french fries, and lubricated with generous amounts of barbecue and/or hot sauce. It's a perfect representation of a city with a long history of Eastern European sausage-making and Southern-style barbecue, with a touch of Chicago thrown in for good measure (the "fries on the dog" style are reminiscent of Chicago's minimalist "depression dog" joints). More

In Videos: Cleveland's Sausage Shoppe, Featured on 'No Reservations,' Celebrating Anniversary

Blogger David Lay points out that Cleveland's legendary Sausage Shoppe will celebrate its 70th year 71st year tomorrow and highlights a video segment from the Cleveland episode of No Reservations. It's nice to see that the current owners—Norm Heinle, his wife, Carol, and their kids—are continuing a tradition that began with founder Hans Kirchberger. Happy anniversary, Sausage Shoppe!... More

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