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Drink This Now: The Portland 75

Clear Creek Distillery has bottled the smell of a Christmas tree and made it into drinkable form. While nice to drink on its own, finding a cocktail to complement the strong, woodsy character of this spirit is tricky. Here, a delicious new twist on the French 75, named for the town where the Douglas Fir Eau de Vie is made. More

Fast Times: Bison, Kosher Vendos, Puck

The story on lonely, neglected farmers' markets has already piqued Ed's interest, but here's the rest of what the Gray Lady is digesting today. You say buffalo, I say bison: The icon of the American West is enjoying a resurgence among diners. Treehuggers and nutritionists rejoice. Keep on Puckin': Despite frozen food lines, Home Shopping Network huckstering, and other numerous ventures, Wolfgang Puck and his steakhouse, Cut, manage to impress Frank Bruni. Eaux de vie, loud and clear: An Oregon producer—Clear Creek Distillery—is turning out colorless fruit brandies that Eric Asimov describes as "an entire orchard of fruit ... packed into a single glass."Kosher coin-ops: Vending machines that dispense glatt kosher products. 0y v3y!Cold eggplant salad? Melissa Clark prepares this... More

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