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4 Quick Ways to Maintain Your Coffee Grinder

So you're already on board with the idea that your grinder is critical to making good coffee at home. But...do you maintain it? Crusty, crispy, bean-crumb-filled, coffee-oil soaked grinders can suck the joy out of your brew. A little diligence and regular care will keep things up to snuff—the first step is admitting you have a problem. More

How to Clean Your Coffee Equipment at Home

So you've been making coffee at home for years, months, or weeks, and you've noticed that your brewing equipment could be, shall we say...a little less grimy than you'd care to admit. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your home brewing equipment is essential to both the longevity of the brewers and the continued great flavor of each cup you make at home. But as with many things coffee, there's a right way to do things—and a not-so-right way. Here's a quick breakdown on how to get the most out of your cleaning routine. More

Pizza Girl Likes Things Squeaky Clean

Every week, Pizza Girl (Diary of a Pizza Girl) stops by with insights and a behind-the-scenes look into the world of pizza-delivery drivers. Take it away, PG! —The Mgmt. "But I'm not dirty, Pizza Girl!" [iStockPhoto/Aksam] I have found, over the course of the last year and a half delivering pizza, that I am good at cleaning. I am not blind to the irony that in my personal life I rarely clean unless I'm beyond shaking-mad. When I say that I like things clean I don't just mean that things should be "clean-enough" or "tidy." I like when counters are... More

Microwaving Sponges, Pros and Cons

Killing germs by microwaving sponges. We've covered this before on Serious Eats, but the New York Times brings it up today. Effective but not without risk, the paper says. Namely from too-dry sponges, which can catch fire after a spell. Serious Eats reader pageycooks offers another perspective: "I tried this once—afterwards, I had to 'de-stink' my microwave." Yuck. That's another argument for just throwing it out and buying a new one. They're cheap!... More

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