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What Is Ice Cider?

"One sip locks in so much apple flavor. It's as if you were drinking the juice from ten apples in one gulp—multiplied by alcohol." Apples need to reach popsicle temperatures before they're fermented for ice cider. [Flickr: rabasz] Ice cider, or cidre de glace as its known in its birth place of Quebec, is kind of a cross between ice wine and hard cider. Like ice wine, the fruit (apples, not grapes, in this case) are left on the vine during chilly winters until they shrivel up. This produces the sweetest nectar possible. The super-concentrated juices are then pressed and fermented to add a little zing. The alcohol content usually ranges between 7% and 13% per volume. Cryomalus ice cider.... More

Making Cheap Hard Cider From Scratch

[Photograph: The Paupered Chef] Serious Eats contributors Nick Kindelsperger and Blake Royer explain how they made hard cider on the cheap over at The Paupered Chef. They made four batches using two kinds of apple cider and yeast, and found that Whole Foods' apple cider was great for making easy, cheap hard cider: "It's cheap ($6.99), comes in perfectly sized bottles for fermenting, and makes a balanced, refreshing beverage in about 7 to 10 days." Start a batch soon and you'll have a great beverage for Thanksgiving. Related Snapshots from the UK: Brothers Toffee Apple Cider, a Caramel Apple-Flavored Beverage How to Make Apple Cider Hard Ciders at Thanksgiving, So Underrated... More

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