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Max and Eli Sussman's Pork Chops with Apple Chutney

Anyone who thinks a pork chop is "a flavorless hunk of chewy meat" (as Max and Eli Sussman put it) have yet to try a double-cut chop prepared steakhouse-style. Seriously, the double-cut chop could change just about anyone's mind when it comes to leaner cuts of pork. The width of the chop and presence of the bone allows it to be cooked long enough to develop a crust while staying juicy and tender on the inside. In This is a Cookbook, the Sussman brothers add extra insurance by brining these extra-large chops overnight before searing them off while basting in herb butter. More

Radish and Yogurt Chutney

This Radish and Yogurt Chutney from Anjum Anand's Anjum's New Indian takes all of the elements of a classic raita and adds shredded radishes in place of cucumber. The sauce has the same clean, cool flavor, but the radish adds a great pepperiness and lovely fuchsia tone. Adding a bit of chopped green chile is optional, but the spiciness compliments the cool radish raita beautifully. More

Larkspur, California: Table Café for Gourmet Dosas and Chutneys

Across the Golden Gate Bridge, nestled into a small Marin County version of a strip mall, a little-known restaurant called Table Café is doing something even better: gourmet dosas. Anyone familiar with South Indian cuisine knows how delicious these rice and lentil flour crepes can be. At Table Café, they make a softer, more moist dosa wrap and stuff it with any number of fillings, like smoked wild salmon with grilled frisee and aioli, or lamb meatballs with cabbage and tahini. More

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