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The Nasty Bits: Chopped Liver

The chopped liver at Russ and Daughter's is sweeter than most. It gets its sweetness from the onions. Of course all recipes for chopped liver call for sautéed onions to be mixed in with the liver purée, but what distinguishes the onions used at Russ and Daughters is just how very sweet they taste. These are onions that get cooked for a long time, I suspect. More

The Nasty Bits: Chopped Liver with Gribenes

I have been waiting for years to use the expression "What am I, chopped liver?" It's my hasta la vista, if you will, the one sentence that I see myself saying with gusto in imagined social settings. Part of the attraction stems from the paucity of colloquialisms out there that make references to offal. I finally found an opportunity to use it last week, and afterward, I went home to make this chopped liver recipe to celebrate. More

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