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Notes from the South: Ribs and Hushpuppies at Allen & Son in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"The ribs were some of the smokiest, moistest specimens I've had the privilege of eating." [Photographs: Chichi Wang] More Notes from the South Rolling Bones Barbecue in Atlanta » Wilber's Barbecue and Currituck BBQ Company » Flip Burger Boutique in Atlanta » Busy Bee in Atlanta » In North Carolina, barbecue generally means one thing and one thing only: smoked pig, chopped up and served with a partly spicy, partly vinegar-based sauce (more on the West-East sauce divide later). Allen & Son in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, may be known for its chopped barbecue, but the restaurant also turns out a mean rack of ribs. At the risk of incensing die-hard North Carolinian chopped barbecue lovers everywhere, I'm going to... More

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