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Cereal Eats Taste Test: Which Chocolate Cereal Makes the Best Chocolate Milk?

Cereal Eats Leandra Palermo 23 comments

All good things must come to an end. But luckily, when you hit that depressing moment when a bowl of cereal is done, you still have that magical elixir waiting for you as a last treat. You know what I'm talking about here, people. Cereal milk. We decided it was time for a blind taste test to find out which chocolate cereal makes the best milk. We went with the three most popular, purely chocolate cereals: Cocoa Krispies, Cocoa Puffs and Cocoa Pebbles. More

BraveTart: Homemade 'Hershey's Syrup'

Sweets Bravetart 5 comments

Hershey's syrup enabled even the most gastronomically inept child miraculous culinary powers. With a single drizzle, a pedestrian glass of two-percent became the greatest beverage in all of kiddom: chocolate milk. Likewise, Hershey's syrup could transform a scoop of ice cream into a sundae. Even a slice of store bought angel food cake became something extraordinary when doused in Hershey's. More

Homemade 'Hershey's Syrup'

Serious Eats Bravetart 13 comments

To be perfectly honest, I enjoy this syrup best with only 5 ounces of brown sugar. The lower sugar version makes a deep, rich, sophisticated chocolate syrup. But not "Hershey's Syrup." The absolute hallmark of Hershey's is its sweetness, so to stay true to your childhood memories, stick with 9 ounces. More

How to Make Better Chocolate Milk

Sweets Liz Gutman 5 comments

I have to admit—I still love the already-cartoned, carrageenan-thickened, "chocolate flavor" style of chocolate milk quite a bit. But making it at home with cocoa powder will take you about 2.5 minutes and is damn tasty. A fun chocolate-geek bonus of this recipe: adding the cocoa to the hot milk "blooms" it, actually enhancing the chocolate flavor. More

Milk Mustache: Cocoa Metro Chocolate Milk

Drinks Liz Bomze Post a comment

The question: If you could have only four beverages (in addition to water) for the rest of your life, what would they be? One of my picks is definitely chocolate milk. More

Serious Chocolate: Homemade Chocolate Syrup and Milk

Sweets Melody Kramer 4 comments

"I liked Fox's U-Bet best...but the homemade syrup is on an entirely different level. [Flickr: hleo] Chocolate Syrup and Milk View the complete recipe here ยป Pavlov rang bells to make dogs salivate. I imagine the bells sounded like spoons... More

Homemade Chocolate Syrup and Milk

Serious Eats Melody Kramer 4 comments

Read more about this recipe here.... More

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