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Wellesley Fudge Cake

Wellesley Fudge cake, a deeply decadent chocolate cake topped with a slab of fudge frosting, seems an unlikely sweet to associate with the prim-and-proper ladies of Wellesley (the college featured in the classic feat of cinema Mona Lisa Smile). But it's true: fudge, and the cake, both have strong ties to ladies' colleges. More

American Classics: Bumpy Cake

In my quest to capture American desserts, I've polled friends and relatives for favorites from their childhoods. Among Michiganders, especially those with Detroit roots, Sanders' Bumpy Cake commands some serious nostalgia points. What is Bumpy Cake? Short answer: addictive. Long answer: a Devil's Food Cake with stripes of sugary buttercream topped with "pourable fudge" frosting. Yes, pourable fudge frosting. More

Let Them Eat: Coca-Cola Cake

Junior League cookbooks have wedged themselves into my bookshelves for as long as I can remember. Most of them are yellowed and frayed, having somehow survived decades of use in family kitchens, travel, storage, and book swaps. The provenance of these books is mysterious—their prefaces bear the names of southern counties and corners I didn't know existed. More

Let Them Eat: German Double-Chocolate Cake

What is German chocolate cake? Overseas import it is not. The "German" in the title hails much closer to home and even carries a wicked local accent: German's Sweet Chocolate was developed by Samuel German in the 1850s for Walter Baker & Co. in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Years later, one Mrs. George Clay of Dallas, Texas submitted the recipe to the Dallas Morning News, and the rest if the stuff of history and industrial mass production. More

Let Them Eat: Red Velvet Cake

You're disappointed, aren't you? You read the title "red velvet cake" and don't see the shade of lipstick red you've come to expect. Well, get over it. If you really look inside your soul and search your tastebuds, you will, like me, come to the harsh realization that red velvet is a fiction. Those bright carmine cupcakes peddled by overhyped bakeries are dry, stale, and lacking in flavor and substance. Sure, they're pretty, but wouldn't you rather bite into a buttery, fine-crumbed cake that's got a surprising blend of flavors, even if it comes in a less saucy shade of red? More

Bake the Book: Sachertorte

With its layers of deeply chocolaty cake spiked with cinnamon and rum and a bright stripe of apricot jam running through the center, the Sachertorte is the most widely recognized Viennese pastry for good reason, this elegant cake is decadent and absolutely delicious. But this iconic dessert comes with a not so sweet past, in fact it's downright controversial enough to pit two Viennese pastry institutions against one another. Nowadays there's only one cake that can be called "The Original Sachertorte" and it is made exclusively by the Hotel Sacher. More

Almost Flourless Chocolate Cake With Dulce De Leche

Around this time of year, an unnerving amount of people make declarations that they are going to avoid dessert, all under the alarming title of "New Year's Resolution". Personally, I'd rather resolve to eat more deliciously. And if you resolve similarly, you'll undoubtedly get a lot of pleasure from Almost Flourless Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche. More

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