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Notes from the South: Chitterlings from Busy Bee in Atlanta

Our Nasty Bits columnist is on a road trip down south! Today she checks in with us with thoughts on a Southern offal delicacy. [Photograph: Chichi Wang] "I'll take a plate of your chit-ter-lings, please," I told my waitress. "What was tha', sugar?" she replied. I paused, then thought better. "I mean, your chit-linz," I said. "Oh, the chiltlins!" she said in a moment of recognition. "Sure thing, hon." Chitterlings, or chitlins, are pork intestines in Southern soul food cookery. And that conversation? Just took place in the South. Atlanta, Georgia, to be exact. I'm on a quest for the most barbeque-lickin', pie-dishin', offal-lovin' joints across the grand old American south. I've dived into plates of deep-fried chicken livers, gnawed... More

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