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The Best Potato Chip You've Never Had

In the northeastern corner of South Dakota sits a small city called Clark. Amongst fertile potato fields and prized hunting grounds, there are 12 dedicated people in Clark making some of the best potato chips I've ever tasted, under a brand called Dakota Style. They've been doing God's chip work since 1985 but I tried them for the first time this past weekend. And I'm very upset about the lost time. More

Fancy Crisps from England and Ireland: Tyrrell's and Keogh's

Keogh's and Tyrrell's both provide a lot more information than your average chipmaker. Tyrrell's lists the potato variety used and the town in which is was grown. Impressed? Yeah I was too, until I looked at the back of a bag of Koegh's and saw that in addition to spud variety, they also list the field (!) in which the potatoes were grown and the employee who cooked the darn things. My three bags were cooked by Kevin, Peter, and Darren, respectively. More

4 Snack Souvenirs from South Korea

The Angry Bird chips from Korea are the kind of chip where you take your first bite and self-righteously think, "Well (ahem) I won't be eating any more of these—they're simply not flavorful enough," and then proceed to hoover half the bag. More

Chips Hack: How to Make BLT Chips

If you're like me, tasting a Lay's BLT for the first time left you reeling from a mix of raw emotions. I had questions. Should I be angry? Was it something I said? Wait, is Lay's mad at me? When my head finally stopped spinning, I took pause and reflected on all of the times that I'd hit a bump in the road or a low point and Lay's chips had been there for me. So I decided to fix them. More

How Popchips Are Made, Why They're So Popular

One brand of chip that's been rolling off friends' and friends of friends' tongues for months now is Popchips. Outside of these "pssst, you gotta check out"-recommendations, I wasn't completely oblivious to the brand, having maneuvered around their free-standing displays from time to time in order to access the Utz or snag a bag of Munchies, but now that I'm a chip czar for Serious Eats, I first do "research". More

How to Pair Soda with Cool Ranch Doritos

If you're reading this post you're probably trying to get chip-faced, and what you really need to know is which soda is going to make your Cool Ranch Doritos (CRD) taste best. Last week I ripped a page from a real wine sommelier's playbook and set about discovering just that. We went to the store and bought a lot of soda. A lot. More

Why British and Irish Crisps Are Brilliant

When it comes to potato chips, we Americans have historically held a pretty straightforward approach: take various chip dips (nacho cheese, Ranch, sour cream and onion, etc.) and turn them into chip-coating powders. However, there's also a strong case for the British approach. And here's where we discover the true brilliance of British crisps: the flavors are so savory and unctuous that after getting chip-faced on a whole bag, you might actually convince yourself that you ate real food. More

Chip-Faced: The (Faulty) Geometry of Pringles

Eating Pringles as a kid was the best. But many years ago, something changed. It wasn't a dreaded recipe adjustment or that my own tastes matured (lord knows they didn't), but rather that I simply outgrew Pringles...literally. For decades now I've been unable to fit my hand inside the tube. And I know I'm not the only one with this problem given that the diameter of the opening is a piddly 2 ¾ inches. More

Why Nacho Cheese Doritos Taste Like Heaven

I don't love Nacho Cheese Doritos because my late grandfather used to sneak them to me under the pew during tedious Sunday sermons (he didn't). And I don't crave their cheesy crunch because my grade school crush, Bridget McElroy, sported an ever present orange film of "cheese" under her fingernails (thoughshe probably did). They taste like heaven because their creator, Frito-Lay, designs them to. Today we're focusing on the science behind that cheesy seasoning. More

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