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A Foreigner's Survival Guide to Ordering and Eating Peking Duck in Beijing

J. Kenji López-Alt 21 comments

I haven't gotten around to naming the Seven Culinary Wonders of the World, but Peking duck would be high in the running for one of those coveted slots. More

The Tea Cup and the Dragon: Secrets of China's Favorite Green Tea

Max Falkowitz 9 comments

When outsiders try to learn about tea, they're usually stymied by the industry's mindboggling complexity, and a marketplace rife with misinformation and counterfeit product doesn't do much to help. That's why I've made the journey to one of China's tea capitals: to learn how and why this little leaf from a plain-looking shrub drives a whole economy wild. More

Layered Beef Burger Comes to KFC China

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 11 comments

KFC in China has a new burger on their menu...if you can even call it that. More

What We Ate on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler 23 comments

We boarded the Trans-Siberian Railway in Moscow on a foggy, freezing February night. When we disembarked in Beijing, it was a bright March afternoon, and we had traveled more than 4,800 miles. Here's what we ate along the way. More

New at McDonald's China: German Sausage Double Beef Burger

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 16 comments

Available for a limited time at McDonald's China is the German Sausage Double Beef Burger featuring two beef patties, two sausages, and mustard. More

Snapshots from Taiwan: What We Ate at a Chinese Wedding Banquet

Clarissa Wei 11 comments

Here's the breakdown: The meal always starts with a cold appetizer plate. Expensive dishes such as shark fin, abalone, jumbo shrimp and scallops are typical as an indication of prosperity. And there is almost always a whole fish, chicken, duck or pig present. A whole animal represents completeness and luck. More

Video: The New Organic Movement in China

Daniel Klein Post a comment

Meet Lifen Yang, a young woman who's part of an effort to bring healthy and organic food to Kunming, a city in the Yunnan Province of China. More

Video: Rooftop Farms in China

Daniel Klein 3 comments

I'm a big fan of rooftop films and have made a point of sharing them in videos in order to share what rooftop amazingness is possible. It may be old hat in America, but in China, where food scares and the dangers of pesticides and pollution are only beginning to show their true colors, the new farming movement is just blossoming. More

Video: Is the Most Beautiful Farm Also the Most Sustainable?

Daniel Klein 3 comments

The rice terraces of YuanYang in southern China are a manmade wonder. Built into the steep hillsides, this 1,300-year old system can't be farmed by machine, but functions in more sustainable ways than any farm I've seen. More

Video: The Incredible Food of China, in 4 Minutes

Daniel Klein 5 comments

Here are my food highlights from a two-week trip across China with travel partner Intrepid Travel. From rice fields and fried bees to pigs' blood tofu and skyscraper farms...China is an adventure. If you leave this video without a desire for the incredible food of China, you aren't human. More

New From McDonald's China: Black and White Burger Set

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 8 comments

Black bunned fast food burger? Seen it. Black bunned fast food burger paired with a white bunned fast food burger? ...INNOVATION!? Last month McDonald's China released this limited-time set of two mini black and white burgers. More

25 Things You Must Eat in Tainan, the Culinary Center of Taiwan

Clarissa Wei 7 comments

For those who hail from Taiwan, it's common knowledge that the city of Tainan, located on the southern part of the island, is its food capital. Known as "the City of Snacks," Tainan is where people flock to try some of the most delicious and unique dishes of Taiwan. Here are 25 of them: fish chin soup, bamboo with mayo, eel noodles, and more. More

Snapshots from China: The Best Things I Ate in Xiamen

Clarissa Wei 3 comments

Located in the Fujian province of China, Xiamen is a southern port city with an inventory of dishes that are heavy on seafood and strikingly similar to the cuisine of neighboring Taiwan. From sea worm jellies to shark ball soup, there was never a meal that wasn't worth photographing during my two week visit. More

10 Instant Noodle Flavors That Are Actually Spicy

The Ramen Rater 14 comments

Recently I received an email from a man who was angry. He was angry that his "spicy chicken" instant noodles weren't spicy whatsoever. Are any flavors out there actually spicy? Here are 10 that should get your mouth's attention. More

Snapshots from China: The Best Things I Ate in Northern China

Amy Sung 10 comments

On recent travels through five cities and villages in the Shandong province in northern China, I had the opportunity to see old family, meet new family, and finally understand where all those dishes my grandma used to make really came from. Check out the best bites from my travels. More

Black Truffle Angus XT, the Latest from Burger King Hong Kong

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 2 comments

This month Burger King in Hong Kong released the Black Truffle Angus XT as part of their premium burger line, the King's Collection. The burger is topped with mayonnaise mixed with Italian black truffles, along with cheese, bacon, tomato, and curly endive. More

Snapshots from Hong Kong and Mainland China: The Best Things I Ate

Liz Bomze 18 comments

After spending three weeks crisscrossing all over Asia, here are the foods still haunting my dreams. Noodle soup breakfasts, pungent chili pastes, sweet-tangy mangosteens, and much more from Chengdu, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. The jetlag? Totally worth it. More

Latest from McDonald's in China: Mashed Potato Burger

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 5 comments

Looks like the newest burger for the "manly man" (as described in this commercial's title, "Beef 2012 Manly Man Campaign") at McDonald's in China features two beef patties, bacon, and...a hefty glob of mashed potatoes? The commercial starts by calling their beef patty "good," then the bacon "better," and finally, the mashed potato "best." Knowing how tasty McDonald's beef patties are, this may very well be the correct order of ingredient deliciousness. More

Beijing: Nathan's Famous

A Hamburger Today An AHT Field Agent 3 comments

In the US Nathan's Famous is known for hotdogs, but in Beijing they offer a much-needed addition to the lacking burger scene. Here's the lowdown for anyone who finds themselves in the PRC, craving a burger, but unable to bear the price of high-end bars or the debasement of dining at McDonald's abroad. More

First Look at In-N-Out Clone CaliBurger in Shanghai

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 8 comments

CaliBurger is the upcoming burger chain aiming to bring a taste of California-style fast food burgers to Shanghai and beyond—which would be fine if they weren't also trademarking In-N-Out's burger names outside of the US. As the legal battle continues, In-N-Out responded with a one-day pop-up in Shanghai. AHT reader Josh Atkins, who first told us about CaliBurger and the In-N-Out event, recently attended a tasting at CaliBurger. Here's his report. More

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