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Chain Reaction: Chili's

Order the Oldtimer with cheese at Chili's, and at least at one location of this mega-chain, they turned out a halfway decent patty only to surround it with way too much mustard and a sloppy pile of lackluster fixings. Does this represent every Chili's hamburger, or did our reviewer get saddled with a sub-par cook? More

Cook the Book: Chili

"All along I had been searching for a chili that tasted like chiles, and this one was it." [Photograph: Caroline Russock] Recently I have been craving nothing but spicy food—really spicy food. Not just hot sauce spicy but tingling, lip-burning,... More

Reform Groups to FCC: Get Rid of 'Advertainment'

More than two dozen public-interest groups are calling the Federal Communications Commission to address what they call "advertainment": TV programming they say is chock full of product placement. Led by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood (CCFC), the movement aims to prevent TV programs from becoming "Trojan horses, carrying messages that would otherwise be criticized by the public or even deemed illegal": These organizations cite as cause for concern a Nielsen report indicating a 13 percent boost in product placement spots on network TV last year—over 25,000 placements in the top ten shows. If you watch American Idol on a regular basis, you saw over 4,000 product placements in 38 episodes this year, CCFC says. In May 2007, the... More

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