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Staten Island: Skippy's Hot Dog Truck

Skippy's started in 1962 after Dawn Bellach bought a van for $100 from a junkyard and polished it up. A half century later, it still runs just fine and has a convenient shelf for hot sauce bottles--at least 36 varieties. Feel free to grab one and jack up your chili dog a few notches. More

Milwaukee Brewers Picture Each Other as Talking Hot Dog, Hamburger

Milwaukee Brewers fans might have reason to get nervous. According to this report from the Onion, starting pitcher CC Sabathia and first baseman Prince Fielder keep envisioning each other as juicy chili cheese dogs and hamburgers on legs, which distracts from the game. Brewers manager Ned Yost had to step in and regulate, announcing that any player who attempts to devour another, no matter how scrumptious they look, will be subject to disciplinary action.... More

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