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Book Giveaway: Pat the Foodie

You must already be familiar with Pat the Bunny, the touch and feel children's book. Well, in this spoof of the classic, Pat the Foodie, the same Pat and Judy now have smart phones and only eat free-range chicken. "Do YOU want to pet the chicken?" Enter to win one of five copies we're giving away! More

'Spoon,' a Children's Book About a Self-Conscious Spoon

There's something about anthropormorphized utensils that you just have to love. In honor of International Children's Book Day today, here is a look at Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Scott Magoon. The protagonist is a spoon with your average identity issues—should he be jealous of forks that can twist up pasta? Are exotic chopsticks a threat? Does he live a fulfilled life if he can't spread jam? For the most part, Spoon lives a pretty happy existence scooping up stuff, with a sliver of a line as a mouth (usually smiling) and stick figure hands (that wave). But you know, it's tough. Images from the book, after the jump.... More

Cooking With Kids: Amelia Bedelia Gives Advice on Baby Food

When people ask me about baby food, I always tell them the same thing: there's no such thing as baby food. With few exceptions, mashed-up adult food is perfect for babies. It's nutritious, fun, and easy, and you don't have to prepare separate meals. Sometimes I go on and on as if I invented this idea. Then something will come along to remind me that I'm about as original as a financial planner telling clients not to spend so much on lattes. This time around, it was Amelia Bedelia. The book series Amelia Bedelia, for anyone who hasn't been introduced, is for early readers and authored by Peggy Parish. The first was published in 1963. They have not aged entirely... More

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