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Wing in the Spring With Strawberry-Chipotle Baked Chicken Wings

When you think of delicious bar-food-style chicken wings, Buffalo wings are most likely the first thing to come to mind. You might even think of grilled wings, basted with a tangy barbecue sauce. But you almost definitely don't think of baked wings, and I'd bet good money that strawberries and avocados aren't even remotely on your radar. After one batch of these wings, though, that just might change. More

Oven-Baked Strawberry-Chipotle Wings With Avocado-Blue Cheese Dip

A simple oven-frying technique using baking powder gives these wings all of the traditional crispness of deep-fried ones with far less mess. Juicy strawberries bring sweetness to the sauce, while chipotle peppers round it out with heat and smokiness. Paired with creamy avocado-blue cheese dip and sprinkled with poppy seeds, there's no shortage of flavor or texture here! More

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