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Fast Food: McDonald's Chicken McBites

McBites are more reminiscent of real fried chicken than Nugget, with a heavily salted and peppered crust that makes an afterthought of the little bit of white meat inside. The exterior overpowers the bland white meat to the point where you're effectively eating fried-fried rather than fried chicken. More

What Does This Chicken Nugget Say to You, Hm?

From left: God's beard, the Cockpit of Flight #815, and a beauty-marked Cindy Crawford, according to Top10Kid. Evaluating the psyche should involve less ink blots, more chicken nuggets. What do you see in this amorphous blob? "God's beard? So you think God has facial hair, eh? Innnn-ter-est-ing." See what else the blog Top10Kid saw in an average 10-piece McNugget meal. Number two in the above series reveals a special love for the television series Lost. What wacky shapes have you seen in your nuggets? (Not that you ever eat nuggets, or anything.)... More

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