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The Nasty Bits: Chicken Feet, Reconsidered

My method for cooking chicken feet has always been to deep fry it and then simmer it, resulting in gelatinous chicken feet. But since I was getting tired of the same old thing, I reversed the order—first simmered, then deep-fried. The results were sufficiently different as to reinvigorate my love of chicken feet. More

The Nasty Bits: Pickled Feet

For many people, the passing of Halloween signals that it is time to start fretting about the gift-giving season. For the offal lover on your list, consider this: pickled offal and animal parts. Nothing says, "I care for you. You are a special, appreciated person in my life," like a jar of pickled feet, and if you've gone through the trouble of pickling the parts yourself, all the better. More

The Nasty Bits: No Mean Feet

I'm fond of all poultry feet. Goose and duck feet have ample amounts of webbing; when stewed, they are delicate and tender with a hint of chewiness that resembles the texture of simmered sheets of bean curd. While goose and duck feet are more prized in Chinese cuisine, I prefer the meatiness of a chicken's foot. More

Blogwatch: Did You Know 'Adidas' Are Grilled Chicken Feet?

Photograph courtesy of Burnt Lumpia I had no idea until I read this post on Burnt Lumpia. Says its proprietor, Marvin: In the Philippines, street food vendors can be found grilling marinated chicken feet that are playfully nicknamed "Adidas" (three toes = three stripes). Similarly, grilled chicken heads are referred to as "helmets," and pig ears are known as the ever-so-80's "Walkman". I'm not making this up. He's got tips on picking the best chicken feet and a recipe to grill them up right.... More

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