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Scooped: Strawberry Dream Pie Ice Cream

Nothing says early summer to me quite like a juicy berry pie, topped with fat snowcaps of cream. Especially when you can find tiny gem-like strawberries nesting in farmers markets, almost a different species from the cottony hulks in supermarkets. But with a clutch of berries this good, it felt like a waste to sully them with heat. So I veered to the other end of the thermal spectrum, but couldn't get pie off my mind. More

Strawberry Dream Pie Ice Cream

The goat cheese base for this ice cream is flexible enough for a range of fruits and other flavors. Want to use blueberries instead? This base is lemony enough for them. Prefer brownie chunks with a swirl of dulce de leche? Goat cheese is savory enough to counteract the sweetness. But it's pretty awesome with strawberries, as used here. More

Serious Cheese: Why Goat Cheese Pizza Lacks Stretch

The step in cheese-making that turns boring milk into fantastic cheese is curdling, the process which gave Little Miss Muffett her favorite pastime. As I believe I've mentioned before, not counting the unusual properties of some thistles, there are essentially two ways to set curd: rennet, and acid. And right there is the critical choice for whether your cheese is going to melt or not. More

New Kids on the Block

Photograph from asheville farm on Flickr With advent of spring comes the start of cheesemaking season, heralded early on by the births of the year's first kids. Unless they are tricked into doing otherwise, goats breed and give birth seasonally: Mating occurs from late summer through early winter, and the kids are born about five months following that. About two weeks after kids are born, the mothers can be milked so that cheesemaking can begin. What does this mean for you? Now's the time to start savoring some fresh goat cheese.... More

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