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Critic-Turned-Cook Loses Her Cool

As a critic, I witnessed chefs losing their cool in open kitchens, chewing out their staff. Of course, we've all watched in amusement (or disgust) as Gordon Ramsay spews profanity. But while working behind the scenes in various professional kitchens, I've yet to see a true hissy fit. Unfortunately, I often get fired up in my own kitchen. More

Critic-Turned-Cook Goes Job Hunting

Critic Turned Cook follows former Seattle Post-Intelligencer food critic Leslie Kelly on her journey away from the keyboard and into the kitchen. Take it away, Leslie! ©iStockphoto.com/annestahl There’s nothing more depressing than trying to find a job, especially in this depressed economy. Ever since I decided to make the leap from being a food critic to working as a cook, I’ve managed to land some plum spots using my connections. Because, you know, it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Still, I really wanted to find a position without dangling my well-seasoned resumé as a professional eater. Fat chance, right? I started where most cooks do: putting in my application at a fast food restaurant. And immediately started... More

Tough Times for the Toqued

How bad is the job market for chefs these days? The New York Times' Kim Severson looks at the Hot Dog Indicator: A job listing for the California-based Let’s Be Frank hot dog carts was put on Craigslist and "within two hours they had seven resumes from people with serious culinary educations and cooking chops."... More

'Men's Vogue' Asks Jacques Pepin the Tough Question: Big Mac or Whopper

In the latest installment of its Visionaries series, Men's Vogue talks to Jacques Pepin. There's a short profile that contextualizes Pepin's influence on American cooking and cements his importance in the food world, but it's the Q&A portion of the feature where things really get interesting. What's the worst idea you ever had? I've had a few bad ideas! Now I can formulate an idea and salivate in my head and visualize the recipe before I do it. The hammer doesn't always hit on the head, but I get closer and closer as I get older. But the art of cooking is really the art of adjusting, or recovery — that's what you see a real professional do. If you... More

Blogging His Life at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America)

Chefs at culinary schools have gotten a bad rep. We tend to think of them as talented but downright terrifying, exactly the way Jonathan Dixon portrays them in his new blog, 19 Months. Dixon just started cooking school at the CIA, and in his second post he writes about trying to de-bone a fish while an angry instructor looms over his shoulder: When this guy cuts a fish, the flesh seems to just swim away from its body. The bones and ribs are bare, and you can hear a chorus of mermaids and sirens singing through the mists. He stared me down. He was about six inches from me; I could feel either heat or hostility radiating off of him.... More

The Most Influential Chefs in the Bay Area (and Perhaps the Country)

From left: Alice Waters, Tony Gulisano, Charles Phan, Thomas Keller, Paula LeDuc. Photographs from the San Francisco Chronicle Michael Bauer, the San Francisco Chronicle's food critic, kicks off an informative series in today's paper: Many national dining trends have their roots here, and it's where dedicated food lovers and chefs from around the country come to play and get inspired. Great cooks are everywhere - at a neighborhood bar, in a modest storefront restaurant and at haute cuisine white-tablecloth venues. But the Bay Area's visionary chefs are more than great cooks; they are people who have made Northern California an epicurean epicenter. Today and in the next two Food sections, I'll profile 20 of these innovators who have helped... More

In Videos: David Chang on 'Charlie Rose'

Charlie Rose interviewed David Chang last night for a full hour. It's a great dialogue in that inimitable in-depth Charlie Rose style. The video is an hour long, but well worth watching if you have the time. Video after the jump, plus a bonus video of Chang making pickled eggs on The Martha Stewart Show.... More

Meet & Eat: Shane Lyons, The Next Food Network Star Contestant

Editor's note: Another Meet & Eat today with the folks behind Serious Eats. Today we're pleased to introduce Shane Lyons, Sunday night's dismissed contestant on The Next Food Network Star. His cereal-crusted chicken didn't make the cut, but he put up a good fight all season. --Erin Name: Shane Lyons Location: Colorado Springs, CO Occupation: Cook URL: thebluestar.net Favorite comfort food? I LOVE Buffalo wings with thick and stinky blue cheese. Guilty pleasures? Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream. What food won't you eat? Soy butter. What would you like to try but haven't yet? Haggis. Favorite food person? Alton Brown.... More

In Videos: François Payard on 'Nightline'

"What we do is the same thing like those on Broadway. Everyday you open the curtain and it's a new show." —François Payard Learn more about renown French pastry chef François Payard of New York City's Payard Patisserie and Bistro in his interview on Nightline's "Platelist" series. If you're not craving chocolate right now, you will after watching Payard make chocolate French toast and chocolate cake. After watching the video, grab the recipes and read more of the interview at Nightline's website.... More

'Where Are the Women?': On the Scarcity of Female Chefs

Gourmet Magazine's Laura Shapiro picked a strange time to bemoan the scarcity of female chefs. In yesterday's article "Where Are the Women," she writes, "I’m thinking in particular of a question that always bothers me when I read stories about chefs winning awards, chefs opening spectacular new restaurants, chefs starring in yet another new TV series—congratulations, but why are all of you male? Where are the women?" After the jump, why she's wrong—Top Chef spoiler alert!... More

Q&A with Coolio, 'The Ghetto Gourmet'

American rapper Coolio recently expanded his résumé to include "cooking show host" with his web show Cookin with Coolio. As the "ghetto gourmet," he aims to "use foods that poor people can afford" in his recipes, which he demonstrates with his inimitable Coolio-style. Although he only has three recipes up so far, each one is for a different audience: Coolio Caprese Salad is to please the ladies, Fork Steak & Heavenly Ghettalian Garlic Bread is for broke college students, and Spinach Even Your Kids Will Eat is for kids who won't eat their vegetables. Check out his latest video each Wednesday to see what he comes up with next. Serious Eats asked Coolio a few food-related questions to get a... More

What Do Chefs Eat?

The Guardian asks British chefs what they cook for themselves when out of the restaurant kitchen. Simplicity is preferred: hummus and pita bread, fresh fruit, fried eggs on toast, or foregoing the meal to fall flat asleep from an exhausting day at work.... More

Alain Ducasse Interview

I'm happy to learn that Alain Ducasse and I have something in common (besides the first five letters of our names)—we both like Chicken McNuggets. Read more about the 15-Michelin-star chef in his recent Financial Times interview.... More

Famous Chefs and Their Final Meals

In My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Meals, Melanie Dunea asked 50 chefs what their last meal would be and created a portrait of each that summed up their choice. Time.com has a slide show of a few of the featured chefs and their chosen last meals.... More

Take the Serious Eats 'Mama' vs. 'Show-off' Cook's Test

Is there a gender divide when it comes to cooking in restaurants? Mike Weiss attempted to find out in San Francisco. Take the Serious Eats "Mama" vs. "Show-off" Cook's Test and see for yourself. Below, you'll find Serious Eats' San Francisco correspondent Harold Check's take on the story along with some video that might help you with the test. Joyce Goldstein, the retired ground-breaking chef-restaurateur behind Square One in SF, framed the argument this way: Listen, there are two kinds of cooks, there's mama cooks and show-off cooks. Now, not all mama cooks are women but all the show-off cooks are men. Boys with chemistry sets. Boy food is all about: 'Look at me!' Mama food is there to... More

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