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Chefs Share Their Favorite Bars

Drinks Hayley Daen 2 comments

We asked chefs from around the country about their favorite bars in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, and beyond. More

We Ask Chefs: What's the First Drink You Learned to Make?

Drinks Hayley Daen 2 comments

We spoke to chefs from across country about the very first drinks they concocted...and let's just say we're not so sure we would've wanted to be there to sample some of the beverages they whipped up. More

What Drinks Do Chefs Hate?

Drinks Hayley Daen 5 comments

We asked chefs from around the country about their least favorite drinks. (Yes, some of them are still avoiding the booze that brings back terrible college memories.) More

What Chefs Drink at Home

Drinks Hayley Daen 4 comments

After a long, taxing stint in a hot kitchen, chefs like to come home and unwind a bit. Some dip into a stash of locally-brewed beer (or, you know, High Life.) Others are tea aficionados, and some collect wine for drinking at home. And bourbon? Most of them like bourbon. More

What Chefs Drink in the Kitchen

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

When you're on your feet in a hot, crowded kitchen, it's important to keep hydrated. But of course, you also want to stay alert...and relaxed. Sometimes the way to a chef's heart is the gift of a sixpack of ice-cold cheap beer, but that's not all chefs drink in the kitchen. We asked 19 chefs what they drink to stay cool while at work. More

The Best New Pastry Chefs in Chicago

Chicago Michael Nagrant 1 comment

Boka For a long time, Gale Gand (Tru) and Mindy Segal (Hot Chocolate) have been the pastry queens of Chicago, and few have graced the firmament they inhabit. Over separate dining experiences in the last few months, I think I've... More

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