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Cheetos from 'Classic Snacks Made from Scratch'

Cheetos are one of those mysterious processed snacks whose final texture and flavor does little to explain their manufacturing process. A few years ago, Wired magazine did a little research and shared pictures of a cornmeal mixture passing through an extruder into a fryer and then getting coated with cheese powder. Informative? Yes. Useful for home experiments? Not really. In Classic Snacks Made from Scratch, Casey Barber presents her own interpretation of the Cheeto. More

How to Make Money on Food Items in the Shape of Religious Icons

The Consumerist today has posted a funny guide to recognizing and exploiting religious-icon-shaped foods. Picking through a bag of Cheetos, Chris Walters estimates there may be as many as four Jesus- or Mary-shaped chips per purchase. It's partly a matter of luck, but it also takes a good eye for spotting the random edible miracle. You should also remember that context is everything: You might find a Shiva or an Apollo, but they're not going to be that newsworthy in the U.S., so stick with tried-and-true icons like Jesus or the Virgin Mary. A Cthulhu-shaped snack might net you some cult fame but probably not a lot of money. Related In Videos: And Finally Tonight, Jesus in a Bucket of... More

In Videos: Cheesus: Jesus in Cheetos Form

The lord moves in mysterious ways, but how often is artificial cheddar powder involved? Virgin Mary toast was just the beginning of religious visions you can eat. Kelly Ramey of High Ridge, Missouri, was just crunching along when she spotted "Cheesus," the crucifixion-reminiscent single Cheeto she's now storing in a special box. "I looked at that and thought, oh, my, that looks like Jesus...it was just like wow!" She's not selling it on eBay because "of the joy that it's bringing." The best is when pastor David Bennett of Kirkwood United Methodist Church asserts, completely straight-faced and unfazed by the episode, "people can find Jesus in each of us like she's found in this object." Whether singing gospel hymns,... More

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