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Artisanal Cheese in Texas

Lindsay Schechter and Kendra Scott are the Houston Dairymaids, and they sell artisanal cheeses from all over Texas. Wait, what? Alison Cook of the Houston Chronicle follows the Dairymaids around town and discovers Texas cheese is finally coming of age: [Paula] Lambert has brought her smooth, pungent Blanca Bianco, a proudly stinky aged cheese made with raw cow's milk, its rind hand-rubbed daily in white wine.Chrissy Omo, an 18-year old Blanco cheesemaker who's a freshman in college, causes a buzz with her CKC Farms Baby Caprino, a soft-ripened goat cheese with a white rind like velvet, its creaminess underlain by a fascinating tang of watercress.The pinnacle of the evening is the cylinder of Ste. Maure goat's cheese from Pure... More

Stinky Wine Shops Now Serving Cheese

I had an old issue of Food & Wine on my desk, and, leafing through it, I came upon a story about wine shops serving cheese and tapas. As a confirmed nondrinker and serious cheese lover, I applaud this trend. Here are the shops they wrote about: Smith & Vine Address: 268 Smith Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 Phone: 718-243-2864 Stinky Brooklyn Address: 261 Smith Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 Phone: 718-522-7425 Silverlake Wine Address: 2395 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90039 Phone: 323-662-9024 Cesar Address: 4039 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland CA 94611 Phone: 510-985-1200 Portalis Address: 5205 Ballard Avenue, Seattle WA 98107 Phone: 206-783-2007 We've got both coasts covered. Any Serious Eaters know of any others? Photograph from iStockphoto.com... More

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