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15 of Our Favorite Fries, Sodas, and Shakes to Pair with Cheeseburgers

As you already know by now, we love a good cheeseburger. And we love everything that comes along with the cheeseburger. The sodas, the milkshakes, the fries. Depending on our moods, we may want to wash it down with a cola or a maple-bacon shake. And while fries are classic, sometimes it's necessary to pair the cheeseburger with a basket of just-fried tater tots. How about you—what are your favorite things to eat and drink along with a cheeseburger? More

Video: Crazy Toppings for Cheeseburgers

What's the most unique topping you've ever tried on a cheeseburger? We love adding a fried egg on top. How about an onion ring underneath the bun? Sure, why not! We've even heard of people adding whipped cream to a cheeseburger...hmm, not sure about that one. What's the most bizarre cheeseburger topping you've tried? More

Video: Bacon on a Cheeseburger

Sizzle sizzle. Ah, the sound of bacon cooking in a pan. Some cheeseburger fans think it's an essential topping. Some have gone as far as saying: "there are few things on this earth more important than bacon." For bacon fans, the texture is of extreme importance. You want a little bend but not a floppy slice. Some crunch, but it shouldn't break your teeth. How do you like your bacon on a cheeseburger? More

Video: Mushrooms on a Cheeseburger

Mushrooms and beef have a history together. Just think about Beef Wellington and all the other French dishes where they're paired on the same plate. So it makes perfect sense to add mushrooms, all sauteed and savory, onto a juicy cheeseburger. But which mushroom is the best choice? More

Video: Cheese on a Burger

What's the best cheese for maximum meltiness on a perfect cheeseburger? It ain't fancy, but American is our personal favorite. It's perfectly designed to ooze all over the patty... and boy, does it ever! Sure, you could opt for the fancier cheeses, but you might just wind up disappointed. So we've teamed up with Wendy's® to talk with cheeseburger aficionados about what makes American cheese the classic choice. More

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