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A Sandwich a Day: Griddled Cheese at Five Points

The Griddled Cheese Sandwich ($14) at Five Points is a jaw-stretcher, and at least half of it is thinly-sliced apples, cooked until just tender but not mushy. The double smoked bacon is thick and meaty, and powerfully flavorful; it would be fantastic in a BLT, but here, it fights with the apples, aged cheddar, and grainy mustard for attention. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Green Table's Grilled Cheese

Everything about this sandwich is well-balanced. The cheese to bread ratio is perfect. The sourdough soaks up the butter, preventing the grilled cheese from being overly greasy, yet still maintains that rich, grilled bread taste that only a hefty helping of butter can bring. The cheese oozes delectably, and the chutney gives it that sophisticated touch. More

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