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Serious Cheese: Pairing Chocolate and Cheese for Valentine's Day

"Chocolate and cheese are both super-rich foods, and a little goes a long way. Savor every bite and go for quality over quantity." Ever since a college friend baked a bar of fine Swiss dark chocolate between two halves of a wheel of Brie, I've been intrigued and a little obsessed with the idea of pairing chocolate and cheese. It's tougher to get right than, say, pairing fruit and cheese, and sometimes it's downright nasty, but when you do get a good match, it can be truly sublime. And it also happens to be a really nice way to end a special Valentine's Day meal with two of the greatest foods humans ever created.... More

Serious Cheese: Pairing Cheese and Honey

There are few sensory juxtapositions as important and ubiquitous as the "sweet and sour." From apple pie to wine, it is arguably the most fundamental taste combination in all of food. However, among all the many examples of it in cuisines across the world, there is one that rises above the rest: cheese and honey. To be sure, lots of sweet things go really well with cheese: wine, sake, quince, apples, but there is something special about drizzling a bit of, say, chestnut honey on a wedge of Tumbleweed cheese. Some cheeses and honeys do work better than others--here's what to look for.... More

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