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Cheese 101: How 4 Simple Ingredients Yield 10 Zillion Different Cheeses

Liz Thorpe 15 comments

Let's delve into cheese-making fundamentals to see how four simple ingredients (milk, cultures, rennet/coagulant, and salt) can produce a seemingly infinite number of cheeses. More

Cheese 101: There's More to Blue Cheese Than You Think

Liz Thorpe 7 comments

Blue cheese, even carefully made, quality examples, rarely gets its due. But it has more going on than raw salt and pungency. More

Cheese 101: Hard Facts About Hard Cheese

Liz Thorpe 14 comments

Many of the best known cheeses in the world—Cheddar, Parmigiano Reggiano, "Swiss" (aka Emmenthaler) are firm to hard in texture. But their flavors can be radically different. So how do hard cheeses wind up this way—different from the limpid Bries, but also from one another? More

Cheese 101: The Stinky World of Washed Rind Cheese

Liz Thorpe 22 comments

Washed rind cheese is a broad but distinctive category of gloriously stinky curd. The telltale signs include a moist or sticky exterior, some variety of reddish-orange rind, and profound aromas reminiscent of often-unmentionable things—sweaty feet and barnyard animals figure prominently. More

Cheese 101: All About Bloomy Cheese (AKA Brie and Its Brothers)

Serious Cheese Liz Thorpe 9 comments

For the second installment of our Cheese 101 series, Liz tackles the wide and wonderful world of bloomy cheeses, which include some of the most beloved wheels out there. More

Cheese 101: All About Fresh Milk Cheese

Serious Cheese Liz Thorpe 15 comments

Our new cheese columnist kicks off our Cheese 101 series with a look at the wide world of fresh milk cheeses, which includes mozzarella, paneer, goat cheese, and feta. More

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