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Wake and Bake: Cranberry Challah

I was a little nervous to make my first loaf because I grew up in New York City, where not only can you always get challah, you can get really awesome challah. But with Thanksgivingukkah fast approaching, there was no time for self-doubt. So I got out the stand mixer, rolled up my sleeves, ran across the street because I forgot to buy eggs, and finally got cracking. More

Los Angeles: 7 Challah Loaves We Love

In the vast world of Jewish cuisine, Los Angeles holds its own pretty darn well, with plenty of kosher (and kosher-style) delis. Baking your own challah is all well and good, but sometimes you need a quick fix. From richly eggy to crisp water-style to a few novelty options, just in time for the High Holidays, we've got you covered with these five loaves. More

Sweet Technique: Braiding Challah

Challah is made from a dough that is enriched with eggs and egg yolks, honey, sugar, and vegetable oil. While it is slightly sweet, and falls on the pastry side of the restaurant kitchen, I don't consider it a dessert. Challah plays well with both sides of the sweet or savory spectrum; it's as great for French toast as it is for turkey sandwiches, and it's the perfect bread to accompany special dinners with the people you love. More

NYC Challah Bread: 5 Loaves We Love

A perfect challah has the following characteristics: a crackly outer shell, with a deep mahogany color. Its interior has a great pull: it doesn't break apart, so you must yank one delicious strand of eggy goodness from the next. Growing up in New York City, I've come across countless bakeries that prepare or stock fresh challah. But finding a great loaf is not easy. So we set out to track down five loaves we loved. More

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