'ceramics' on Serious Eats

Making Chicken Seem More Lifelike

It's childish, but I don't like to think of the meat I eat as once belonging to an animal. If I did, I wouldn't be able to enjoy bacon or burgers. I guess not everyone feels that way, because ceramic heads of chickens, designed to be stuck atop beer can chicken, are being sold on Amazon.com. There are three different characters: the Malibu, the Bug-Eyed Chicken, and the Southwestern Chicken. Each costs $14.95. [via J-Walk Blog]... More

The Self-Stirring Cup Signals the Potential End of the Teaspoon

Tea time could be changed forever with the self-stirring cup. A prototype for a teacup called Ceramic for Mix aims to obviate the need for teaspoons. The teacup, by the design firm Anna Gram, stirs the tea with a twirling motion of the wrist. When you take a sip, the ball is trapped in the base of the glass by gravity to prevent accidental ingestion. Says Anna Gram's website: "Function creates a new gestural and aesthetic appeal." [via Neatorama]... More

For the Spring Table

A few pieces from ceramic artist Whitney Smith's collection. My sense of impending spring began a few weeks ago when I awoke to a mourning dove’s lonely call. Just barely March, it seemed far too early then to raise much excitement, but the signs have become irrefutable – budding trees, blooming crocuses, a run of rainy 50-degree days, more bird song – and I am now, despite a certain measure of disbelief, firmly in the throes of spring fever. For those of you thus afflicted, and for the others who are still soldiering through winter, I bring you this round-up of items embodying the effervescence of spring.... More

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