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Drying Out a Cellphone in Rice: It Does Work!

Heh. I just got a phone call from the fiancée. "I'm just calling to test out my phone," she said. "It works!" Why am I posting this? Because she used uncooked rice to dry it out after running it through the wash Sunday night. We learned about the trick here on Serious Eats Talk: Uncooked Rice to Dry Out Cell Phones. Thanks, SE Talk!... More

In Videos: Cell Phone Popcorn Hoax: How It Actually Worked

You can finally get some sleep tonight. Someone figured out how those popcorn kernels were mysteriously popping without a nearby microwave. Oh wait, there was a microwave involved! The magnetron, or the power-generator inside the machine, was hiding underneath the table. According to the video's step-by-step instructions, the process seems fairly simple: just dismember the microwave, connect a few extension cords and hook up that magnetron. BUT WE DO NOT ENDORSE TRYING THIS AT HOME. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Cell Phone Popcorn Hoax Videos Revealed as a Marketing Campaign for Bluetooth Headsets

Those videos of cellphones popping popcorn? Turns out it was a viral marketing scheme for bluetooth headsets made by the company Cardo Systems. Their website (pictured below) runs the slogan "Making popcorn with a cellphone only happens in the movies," and a disclaimer that reads "The contents of these videos are fictitious and humorous optical illusions..." Indeed. The Cardo website. Previously: Videos of cellphones popping popcorn Popcorn videos debunked Good Morning America tries to pop popcorn with cellphones, and failed.... More

Viral Videos of Cellphones Popping Popcorn Kernels: Debunked!

Have you seen the cellphones popping popcorn kernel videos? They've been viewed more than a million times since they were uploaded last week. If not, here's a summary of the captivating 45 seconds: three friends encircle several popcorn kernels with their cells, the phones receive calls and the kernels do their popcorn thing, popping away. Lest you get overly excited, Wired bursts your bubble and debunks it. University of Virginia physics professor and How Everything Works: Making Physics Out of the Ordinary author Louis Bloomfield told Wired that the trick is a physical impossibility.... More

In Videos: Cell Phones Pop Popcorn Kernels

No microwaves or ovens nearby? Videos coming out of France, Japan, and the USA show a feature most cell phone manufacturers are not likely to promote: when they ring, cell phones pop popcorn kernels. And we put these things next to our heads? Is this a hoax? Update: The videos have been debunked! Update #2: Good Morning America tried to pop popcorn with cellphones, and failed. Videos after the jump.... More

Your Cell Phone Deserves a Nice Juicy Burger

I had never wanted a pointless charm to dangle off my cell phone until I saw the intricately crafted food-themed charms at Japan-based Strapya World, at which point I decided that I didn't just want a pointless charm, I wanted many pointless charms. Their fast food line includes a cheeseburger, hot dog, fried fish burger, double burger, and cheese egg muffin, which could almost look edible if they weren't the size of a thumb. But don't worry if fast food isn't your thing; there's so much more. Oh yes. The rest of the cell phone charm menu includes doughnuts, Belgian waffles, partially eaten bar of chocolate, udon, dim sum, sliced bread, chunk of melon, margherita pizza, and about a... More

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