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Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Michael Laiskonis' Upper East Side

When Michael Laiskonis moved to New York eight years ago to take his place as Le Bernadin's pastry chef, he thought his Upper East Side digs would be temporary. He's been in the same place ever since, but he recently announced that he'll be leaving Eric Ripert's side to take a as creative director at the Institute of Culinary Education, where he'll teach and work on his first book. The past two months allowed him some time off to indulge at some of his favorite neighborhood spots, and from the looks of it, he'll be staying put for a while. More

Quote of the Day: Anthony Bourdain on Milk Burger

"I live in this weird zone—my wife got me into this actually—where if we're out on the street and it's convenient, we'll go to Shake Shack and buy burgers and bring them home. But Milk Burger delivers. I feel like I'm betraying Danny Meyer every time I call them up, but it's a damn good burger."—Chef, author, and TV personality Anthony Bourdain in the New York Times on noted Shake Shack copycat Milk Burger. Bourdain's wife Ottavia is a Milk Burger fan. [via Eater] More

What We're Watching: 'Dessert First' with Anne Thornton

It's been quite a while since the Food Network aired a quality baking show, so I was pretty excited when I heard word of a new show coming to Food Network this month: Dessert First with Anne Thornton. I had high hopes but low expectations as I checked out an advance copy of the first episode. After all, the Network is inexperienced in pastry food porn; could they pull it off? More

Marcus Samuelsson Masters Classic America at Marc Burger in Chicago

On the seventh floor of Marshall Field's sits perhaps the most impressive department store food court ever assembled. Next to a stand from Rick Bayless and across from one by Takashi Yagihashi sits Marc Burger, a casual spot from Marcus Samuelsson that serves up excellent grilled grass-fed burgers along with exquisite fries and top-notch milkshakes. The Top Chef Master may have been born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden, but the tricontinental superchef has mastered classic America. More

Critic-Turned-Cook Enjoys a Double Helping of Mario Batali

Watching a playful exchange between culinary giants Mario Batali and Tom Douglas reminded me of a key ingredient in the making of a great chef: that intangible quality known as charisma. You can't learn it in cooking school. You can't fake it until you make it. You've either got it or you don't. And those two have got it going on. More

Tripe and Ramp Pizza with Shishito Peppers at Colicchio & Sons

[Photograph: Always Hungry NY] Wow. This is probably the most unlikely combination of pizza toppings we've seen in a while. Always Hungry NY tries the ramp and tripe pizza at Colicchio & Sons: "While the small strips of soft tripe almost mimic the texture of lightly cooked pieces of bacon, the flavor is almost imperceptible. (Which when you think about how wrong funky-tasting tripe can be, is not necessarily a negative)." Related: Sunday Pizza Night at Colicchio & Sons » Colicchio & Sons 85 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at West 15th; map) 212-400-6699; colicchioandsons.com... More

Sunday Pizza Night at Colicchio & Sons

Colicchio & Sons Sunday Pizza Night 85 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at West 15th; map); 212-400-6699; colicchioandsons.com Getting there: A/C/E/L to Eighth Ave./14th St. Pizza style: Neapolitan-inspired Oven type: Wood Stone gas-fired brick oven, with some wood added The skinny: Celeb chef Tom Colicchio does "Pizza Night" on Sundays in the Tap Room of his new Colicchio & Sons. Small Neapolitan-inspired pies have a soft, tender dough with variable puffiness Price: $14 to $16 a pie A couple weeks ago chef-restaurateur and Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio opened Colicchio & Sons in the space formerly occupied by... More

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