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Video: This Cat Loves Ice Cream

Sweets Robyn Lee 12 comments

Don't let go of that ice cream cone, kitty. NEVER LET GO. More

Serious Eats YouTube Playlist: Hambone (And Other Animals) Eating Mashed Potatoes

The Serious Eats Team 5 comments

What to do with leftovers from an instant mashed potatoes taste test: feed them to Hambone. (Not all of them, just a few spoonfuls.) Watch Hambone lick away potatoes like never before in our playlist of dogs and cats eating mashed potatoes. Subscribe to the Serious Eats channel to get updated about our new videos. More

Pizza Cuteness: Pusheen!

Slice Meredith Smith 2 comments

Slice has been experiencing a cute cat drought. Remember Caturday? Proof that there are lots of images of cats eating pizza, but are any cuter than Pusheen? I'm not actually sure if this is eating or huffing, but his little cat mouth is shaped to perfectly accommodate that slice. Awww.. Huff on Pusheen. For more cat cuteness visit pusheen.tumblr.com and everyday-cute.tumblr.com. More

Burger Cuteness: Pusheen on a Burger

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

As far as pictures of cats and burgers go, I think this animation of the very rotund Pusheen on a burger is the cutest. And a bit hypnotic. See more animated gif cuteness at pusheen.tumblr.com and everyday-cute.tumblr.com. More

Photo of the Day: Cute Japanese Cat Doughnuts

Robyn Lee 18 comments

Finally, I can stop my search for the cutest doughnuts in the world. Check out these cat-shaped doughnuts (with almonds-for-ears) from doughnut chain store Floresta in Kawasaki, Japan. If cats aren't your thing, there are also bears, bunnies, pigs, frogs, and more. Follow @floresta_mama on Twitter to keep up to date on the latest cute animal doughnut creations. More

Video: Stacking Satsuma Oranges on Cats' Paws

Robyn Lee 8 comments

What do you mean you've never tried to stack citrus fruits on your cats' paws before? Look at how much fun these guys are having! More

Video: Cat in a Banana Split Costume Eating a Banana

Robyn Lee 4 comments

What's better than watching a cat eat a banana? Watching a cat dressed as a banana (covered in ice cream) while eating a banana. (The costume should look familiar to you—Dumpling wore the same one earlier this week!) More

Videos: Cats Licking Lollipops

Robyn Lee 6 comments

Because one video of a cat licking a lollipop isn't enough, here are four videos of cats eating lollipops. (Four is definitely enough.) More

Video: Feeding a Hungry Kitten With a Syringe

Robyn Lee 10 comments

What I think while watching this video: "Aw, kitty!" and "Wap wap wap wap wap wap wap wap wap." More

Video: Cats Morphing Into Croissants

Robyn Lee 14 comments

You'll never look at curled up cats the same way again. Croissants! All of them! More

Video: Birthday Cat Is Not Amused

Erin Zimmer 4 comments

You may have seen the birthday cat meme earlier this week. A very unimpressed-looking, smooshed-face cat (in a red tie!) is being serenaded "Happy Birthday" by some cute-sounding kids. But the cat so doesn't want to be there. I was saving this video gem for our Animals Eating Friday feature, and then realized—oh, how perfect! Our own AHT editor/beautiful photo-taking/manatee-loving Robyn's birthday is on Friday! But Robyn doesn't look unamused right now—she looks pretty chuffed. She's also not in a red tie. More

Video: Cats and Dogs Eating Peanut Butter

Robyn Lee 6 comments

Thank you, pet owner who decided to stick two dogs and four cats of utmost cuteness in a pen, feed them peanut butter off tongue depressors, and film it. Everybody wins. More

Video: Cats and Dogs Licking Honeydew Popsicles

Robyn Lee 4 comments

Honeydew-flavored popsicles are a great summer treat for humans and pets. But pets look a lot cuter when they eat them, hence the following 42 seconds of Monday-improving awesomeness. More

Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Remember our adorably fat sushi-loving feline friend, Sushi Cat? He's back for more in Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon. Eat all the sushi! Achieve full belly! No skill required! More

Video: Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat Eating a Tiny Ice Cream Cone

Sweets Robyn Lee 11 comments

There's no need to hire a top ad agency when making a commercial; just get a kitten wearing a tiny hat. Instant success. Take this commercial for Los Angeles-based ice cream truck Lake Street Creamery, for example: After watching it, all I want is ice cream. ...And a kitten who'll provide me with unconditional love. More

Video: Japanese Curry-Loving Cat

Robyn Lee 16 comments

I have found my feline equal. This Japanese curry-loving cat is so enamored by the scent of curry that it nuzzles against the bowl with closed eyes in a state of euphoria. OMG CUTE. More

Videos: Cats and Dogs Eating Mashed Potatoes

Robyn Lee 11 comments

I was originally going to post just one video of a cat eating mashed potatoes. But you know that saying: "One video of a cat eating mashed potatoes is never enough." So, apropos of nothing (besides that it's Friday and that means I'm allowed to post videos of animals eating), here are five videos of cats and dogs eating mashed potatoes. More

Video: Cat Drinking Water With its Paw, and Other Drinking Methods

Robyn Lee 18 comments

How does a cat drink water? Let me count the ways. It can dip its paw into a bowl and lick the water off; it can stick its head under a faucet and catch the water that drips off its head...And if you're wondering whether "cats drinking water" is food-related enough, I say "yes." Watch the video to decide for yourself. More

Photo of the Day: Cat-Eating Cheeseburger

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 6 comments

In the never-ending battle between cheeseburgers and cats, sometimes the cheeseburger wins. By a lot. More

Taco Cat T-Shirt

Robyn Lee 4 comments

A T-shirt for lovers of tacos and cats. More

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