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Sandwiched: Crispy Curry Catfish Sandwich with Chili-Lime Slaw

For me, Lenten season means fried fish sandwich season. And while I do enjoy the occasional Friday fillets from various fast food joints, the homemade version can take on any number of flavors besides just one doused in tartar sauce. This one is a catfish po' boy of sorts, but rather than using cajun or creole seasonings, I went with fish sauce and curry for a Thai-inspired po' boy. More

Where to Eat Fried Catfish in Memphis: 6 Spots to Try

Fried catfish is a classic Southern dish that, like so many peasant foods around the world, demonstrates how a delicacy can emerge from poverty. The catfish is a bottom feeder, a "trash" fish caught with trot lines and cane poles and stink bait—not with expensive boats or flashy lures. You don't scale it, you skin it. And when it's time to cook, you don't dust it with the refined flour of the upper classes but dredge it in the working man's cornmeal, fry it, and let it drain on brown paper bags. Fried catfish is a favorite in the Memphis area; here are six places to try the real thing. More

Hand Grabbin' (Catfish Noodling)

Mississippi—a beautiful state to drive across; a great place for tamales; and a place where sticking your hand in a giant catfish's mouth is a reasonable way to catch it. That's what we did; we showed up at another stranger's house and were welcomed by genuine Southern hospitality and catfish. The actual act of noodlin' (or hand grabbin', or hand fishin') could have nabbed you a misdeameanor in Texas a few weeks back, but here in Mississippi the method for acquiring these large catfish is still alive and, well.... pretty unbelievable. More

Sunday Brunch: Fried Catfish

Nothing is more summery and delicious than perfectly fried fish. This recipe is adapted from Hoppin' John Taylor, author of the Fearless Frying Cookbook. Taylor is the one of the finest fryers in this fry-happy country of ours. According to... More

Delta Catfish Farmers at the Crossroads

Or, 'I Believe They're Sinking Down' Catfish farming, which was one of the few bright spots in the Mississippi Delta economy, is grinding to a halt at an alarming pace, according to the New York Times. It is a victim of the rapid rise in feed costs; corn and soybean prices have tripled in the last two years. Catfish farmers simply cannot afford to buy food for their fish and are draining their ponds. “It’s a dead business,” said John Dillard, who pioneered the commercial farming of catfish in the late 1960s. Last year Dillard & Company raised 11 million fish. Next year it will raise none. People can eat imported fish, Mr. Dillard said, just as they use imported... More

Cook the Book: Catfish Ceviche

Traditional Latin American ceviche can be made from a wide array of fish, including shark, sea bass, sole, shrimp, octopus, and even mackerel. Marinated in bright citrus juices and garnished with ingredients such as corn, avocado, and fresh peppers, ceviche... More

The Best Catfish, Bacon, Boudin, and Barbecue, All In One Place

This is what happens when you go to the Southern Foodways Alliance Conference in Oxford, Mississippi, from which I just returned. You hang out with a great bunch of people (some you know, some you don't) you listen to some smart, interesting people talk about Southern food and drink—about placing fried chicken and sausage and barbecue and collard greens in a broader cultural context. Some of the talks are hilarious (Roy Blount, Jr. reciting his food poems, which are pure poetic genius), others are less exciting, but just about all of them make you hungry. Hungry for what, you might ask? Hungry for all the subjects I would consider majoring in if I enrolled in the Southern Foodways degree-conferring program... More

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