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Chickpea, Coconut, and Cashew Curry

When I'm saying to myself, "What would my wife want for dinner?," the answer, more often than not, is chickpeas. And I'm not talking fancy, soaked overnight, simmered in flavorful liquid, carefully cooked chickpeas; I'm talking chickpeas drained out of a can and used as the base for a quick dish. This 30-minute curry is intense with garam masala and ginger, cooled by coconut milk and ground toasted cashews. More

S. H. Fernando Jr.'s Cashew Nut Curry

Perhaps the most unusual curry in S.H. Fernando Jr.'s guide to Sri Lankan cuisine, Rice & Curry, is made of an ingredient more often found in a bowl of mixed nuts than in a steamy pot of coconut milk and chiles. Cashew Nut Curry is a wonderfully rich vegetarian curry, with soft, fatty cashews floating in creamy coconut milk spiced with curry leaves, lemongrass, coriander, and just enough chile heat. More

Tuna Cashew Casserole

There are many different variations of this recipe. Where I added cannellini beans, some people use water chestnuts or chopped green pepper. You can also try cream of celery soup instead of cream of mushroom. Some people even use broken ramen noodle bits instead of chow mein noodles. More

A Cookie A Day: Kir Rodriguez's Cashew Polvorones

These Cashew Polvorones, a recipe from Kir Rodriguez of the French Culinary Institute include finely ground cashews into sweet, crumbly-chewy little shortbread cookies. Once baked and coated with a heavy dusting of confectioners' sugar, you bite into the polvorone and that sweet richness from the cashews really does come through, making us wonder why there aren't more cashew cookies out there. More

Use Cashews to Make Vegan Whipped Cream

Looking for a vegan or non-dairy substitute for whipped cream? Forget about all that artificial stuff. It turns out that cashews do the trick just fine! I had been hearing about this stuff for years. The internet is awash with different recipes and techniques, but after testing a bunch, here's the winner. More

Cashew Cream

I prepared this recipe using a traditional home blender. After 2 to 3 minutes of blending the texture was fairly smooth with hardly any grit. A heavy duty or professional blender (like a Vitamix) will produce an even smoother texture and do it in a little less time as well. More

Curried Cashews

Roasting these cashews twice ensures that they are toasty and crisp. The spicy curry, cumin, and cayenne are complimented perfectly by the caramelized brown sugar and just a hint of butter. Adapted from Better Homes and Gardens... More

White Chocolate Cashew Krispies

Rice Krispies were rather dull to me. I preferred cereals with animal cartoon spokespersons like the Trix Rabbit. I was suspicious of the strange, creepy little men named Snap, Crackle, and Pop. But my new friend assured me not to worry—she could make the bland cereal taste good. She heated a bag full of puffy marshmallows and a bowl of neon yellow oleo, and stirred in the crackling cereal, measuring as if by memory. More

The Nuts in Kung Pao Chicken: Peanuts or Cashews?

[Flickr: Spy On Pea] Yesterday, our new nut columnist Lee Zalben wrote about Kung Pao chicken, exploring the use of nuts in this and so many other Chinese dishes. He casually mentioned the peanuts in his Kung Pao dish, which set off a mini debate. What about cashews? Or are peanuts more common? We tweeted and Facebooked the question, and the consensus seems to be with peanuts. "traditionally, only peanuts are used" (@kattebelletje) "Peanuts or no nuts. Never cashews." (@GarySoup) "peanuts for sure, says the girl who grew up in a Chinese restaurant" (@aliciac) Chinese cuisine mystery-solver Jenny 8. Lee directed us to this New York Times piece by Howard W. French from 2005. Apparently in south-central China, the... More

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