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How to Carve a Pumpkin

"Ok Jack, time for your lobotomy!" Such a classic Calvin and Hobbes quote that comes to mind each year. But before we perform any pumpkin lobotomy, let's go over some important carving pro-tips. More

Reminder: Enter Your Pumpkins in Our Carving Contest!

Don't forget about the Serious Eats 2010 Pumpkin Carving Contest. Don't you want to show off your carved masterpieces? For a chance to win some sweet prizes? So far we've got a pretty impressive Hugh-Laurie-o'-Lantern. Any others out there? Enter them by Monday, November 1 at 6 p.m. (EST). For carving help:


How to Carve a Pumpkin like a Pro

Yesterday we brought you the basic guide to pumpkin carving. Ain't no shame in tracing the classic triangle eyes and snaggly-tooth mouth. But if you're looking for a more advanced, knock-your-neighbors'-socks-off-o'-lantern, here is a step-by-step guide to carving more detailed designs, with examples at the end to inspire you. With some X-acto knives, drawing markers, and your new skills, you'll be able to whittle away at that gourd like a pro. More

Everything You Need to Know to Carve a Perfect Pumpkin

We are all excited once again to be wearing our hoodies, hats, and cardigans. And yes, we are thankful for that crisp air, and it's time to turn on the oven and use our stockpots again. But let's be honest. October really means only one thing: pumpkin season. Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins. The Maniac Pumpkin Carvers are here to give you all the tips you need for carving your own masterpiece gourds this Halloween season. More

In Videos: How To Carve A Radish 'Rat'

Ever look at a radish with a long root and think, "Hey, that looks like a rat!" Maybe not. But with just a few small slices and cuts, you could make something that kind of looks like a rat. Impress your friends with your food-carving technique; just don't serve your radish rats to anyone who's afraid of rodents. Watch the instructional video, after the jump.... More

Have a Set of Carving Knives? Time to Play with Your Food!

"Once a dusty formality that lived on in the form of radish roses in out-of-the-way hotels, food art, as it is known, is enjoying a new vogue." The New York Times gives us an inside look at the competitive world of fruit and vegetable carving. Some chefs take up produce carving to battle boredom or to impress customers, while top carvers can earn thousands of dollars creating elaborate biodegradable centerpieces for their clients. Related Photo of the Day: Bok Choy Fish The Mutatoes Are Here The Sounds of Celery... More

In Videos: Giant Block of Cheese Carved Into the Statue of Liberty

God knows that if I had a 1200-pound block of cheddar cheese lying around, I'd be tempted to carve it into something. And by "something" I mean "a mangled lump," not a detailed replica of the Statue of Liberty—I don't quite have the skill of champion cheese carver Troy Landwehr, who made his cheese statue over the course of four days. Watch 35 hours of cheese carving condensed into two minutes, after the jump. [via CurdNerds]... More

How to Carve a Turkey

These days there are more online videos demonstrating how to carve a turkey than you can shake a stick at. I got to know the San Francisco Chronicle's Olivia Wu a bit when I attended Taste3 earlier this year, so I'm favorably biased toward her demonstration (above) of how to properly check the temperature of your turkey, and two different carving techniques. Wu's technique is similar to what today's New York Times calls the butcher's method.... More

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