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Cooking with Your Car Engine

Next time you drive around town running errands, multitask by cooking dinner at the same time! In your car! Ben Carter cooked salmon en papillote by placing a salmon-filled parchment paper and foil pouch in a "cozy spot between the exhaust manifold's heat shield and the alternator." After 40 minutes, he was rewarded with a perfectly cooked salmon filet. I'm not sure I'd want to try this with my car in fear of fish goo getting into places it shouldn't, but if I change my mind I'll have to pick up Manifold Destiny, a book dedicated to the art of cooking on your car engine. Related Don't Have an Oven? Use Your Car... More

In Videos: Skoda's Sweet New Ride

The Czechs aren't particularly known for their desserts. Honey cake and poppy seed pastries are fine, but Czech car manufacturer Skoda goes to the next level with this frosted, chocolatey, strawberry-layered replica of the Skoda Fabia model. For four days, master bakers turned batters into backseats and red jelly into tail lights to construct this edible, life-size car. It's "full of lovely things," the company promises, knowing that cake could rightfully get that point across. So effective, the ad even won gold at the Cannes Lions 2008 International Advertising Festival for best "Product & Service" entry. Watch the auto body construction as Julie Andrews sings "My Favorite Things," after the jump.... More

Serious Sandwich (Press): Pro 12-Volt Sandwich Maker

I still remember my first sandwich press. I convinced my mom to let me order it after spending a day at home sick from school watching some lady make apple pies, brownies, waffles and, of course, sandwiches. I also remember my first car accident—it was caused by my fumbling for a boombox that had just tumbled off the dashboard of my Honda (the car stereo was broken). I can't help but think that S. King had me in mind when it developed the car-powered Pro 12-Volt Sandwich Maker—it's perfect for that person who is in love with cheap sandwich presses but also stupid enough to put an appliance on the dashboard.... More

Soccer Moms Rejoice: Family Meal Ideal Achievable, Even in Minivan!

Boy, have cars come a long way since my mom's old Toyota Previa, when we freaked out over the mesh seat pockets and retractable cup holder. Check out the 2008 Chrysler minivan and its new Swivel 'n Go seating system, capable of seating five people around a removable dining table inside the car. Bobby Flay brandished a chocolate layer cake (meant to symbolize Chrysler) and a pork tenderloin with mango salsa (the embodiment of Dodge) at the car's publicity launch (I'm not kidding). Says John H. Zajac, senior editor at Car-Smart News, "It definitely has good McDonald-ibility." That's not a joke, either.... More

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