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'Food Jobs,' A Career Guide for Food Lovers

As a graduate of NYU's Food Studies program, one of the questions I hear the most is, "What jobs can you get after you graduate?" (The top question is probably, "So, is that like cooking school?" Answer: "No.") Food & Wine intern and NYU senior Kaitlyn Goalen seemed to have the same question, until she discovered the food career guide Food Jobs: 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers and Food Lovers by Irena Chalmers. After speaking to Chalmers, the main advice she came away with was to "find a niche," hers including chewing-gum taster and professional egg peeler. Considering my success (with a dash of pure luck) of getting a job at Serious Eats right after I graduated... More

New Career Options in the Food Industry

Regina Schrambling of the Los Angeles Times says job options in the food industry are booming like never before: "Careers are evolving that were unknown a decade ago, or at least before the Food Network brought out the inner Emeril in so many Americans and food became not just sustenance but entertainment, politics, culture, artisanal opportunity, and national obsession. Other industries may face downsizing, but the business of eating and drinking has never seemed more vibrant. Dinner cannot be outsourced to India." People are either choosing to specialize in new niches, like the beer sommelier she spoke to, or they escape the traditional restaurant kitchen by starting their own businesses doing things like giving culinary tours or selling reheatable meals.... More

Should You Go To Culinary School?

David Lebovitz worked at Chez Panisse for 12 years, so people considering professional careers in kitchens ask him all the time for advice, like whether or not they should go to culinary school. He says, "There are some very good culinary schools, but in general, I think it's worth getting some experience either in a restaurant kitchen or bakery before you decide to invest a lot of money in education. Perhaps the work is far more challenging than expected or the pay is going to be far (very far) lower than what you're making as, say, an anesthesiologist." He goes on to lay out the pros and cons of the life of a professional cook, schools to consider and other... More

Cheffing Not All Sunny Side Up

US News & World Report, the fickle weekly that gets its kicks from judging everything under the sun, has released its list of Best Careers for 2007. According to the article, terrorism-related jobs, urban planning, and the clergy (median salary $78,690!!), are emerging as promising fields for young guns looking to get ahead. Tops on the list of overrated careers, where the "mystique exceeds reality": being a chef.... More

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