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Bake the Book: Chinese Ginger-Lime Candy

Sweets Caroline Russock Post a comment

Chinese milk candy is a mild, chewy treat, very similar to taffy. Its subtle sweetness lend the candy base to all sorts of flavor combos. In this case Bullock-Prado decided to go with lime and ginger, a duo that not only flavors the candy but adds a bit of texture as well. There's mixing spicy grated ginger into the sticky, caramelly candies gave them a great little bite and the lime oil lent an elegant floral note. More

Edible DIY: Maple Syrup Caramels

Sweets Lucy Baker 2 comments

I knew that I wanted to include a hint of sea salt in my caramels. It really balances the sweetness and intensifies the butter taste. But I also wanted to flavor them with something else—something seasonal and unique. Maple syrup fit the bill. A generous half cup infused my caramels with pure, sweet, fall flavor. Each bite is salty, chewy, and full of maple sugar. More

Smoked Salt Caramels

Serious Eats Kerry Saretsky 1 comment

In France, caramels are often flavored with fleur de sel, flakes of sea salt, that balance and emphasize the sugary sweetness of the caramel. Even macarons made with caramel are finished with fleur de sel. So I thought, why not... More

Cook the Book: Golden Vanilla Bean Caramels

Serious Eats Adam Kuban 2 comments

OK, folks, break out your candy thermometers, 'cause you're going to need 'em for this one. These caramels, which come from Pure Dessert by Alice Medrich use whole ground vanilla beans and golden syrup, which makes them extra delicious. If... More

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