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Blogwatch: Caramelized Onion and Arugula Pizza

Photograph courtesy of pete bakes! Looking for a cheaper dinner? Pizza dough requires only a couple of basic pantry ingredients and the toppings can be as frugal as needed! Pete of Pete Bakes! uses a dough recipe from famed baker Peter Reinhart to create a tasty pizza with caramelized onions, white sauce, mozzarella, and arugula. He doesn't just stop there but also makes versions with lightly fried and crumbled Italian sausage, sun-dried tomato and basil, sausage and pineapple, etc. There are so many variations; just throw on whatever you have leftover around the kitchen. Pete also suggests trying a squash and bacon combination. Now, that is something I can get on board with. The best part? The dough will... More

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