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Boldly Go Where No Caprese Salad Has Gone Before: Fried Caprese Bombs

I decided to create a fried hybrid—a frybrid, if you will—of two of my favorite mozzarella-based appetizers: caprese salad and mozzarella sticks. The resulting Fried Caprese Bombs consist of mozzarella-filled mini tomatoes that are breadcrumbed, fried, and served with a balsamic reduction. Crispy outside, gooey inside, and slightly sweet, this is one appetizer you have to try. More

Nectarine, Tomato, and Basil Salad With Torn Mozzarella From 'A Change of Appetite'

In this recipe from her new cookbook, A Change of Appetite, Diana Henry elevates the classic caprese combo of mozzarella, tomato, and basil with the addition of nectarine. The ripe fruit adds a juicy sweetness that I never realized was missing. Dressed with just olive oil and white balsamic, every element shows at its best. So simple, so smart. More

A Sandwich a Day: Caprese Sandwich from Pane Bianco in Phoenix

When Robyn and I were in Phoenix, we stopped at Pane Bianco before our dinnertime pizzas at Pizzeria Bianco. The caprese sandwich sounded unnecessary in theory given our tomato-cheese-starch-based meal in just a few hours, but that was so entirely false. The slices of bright tomato slices from a local Arizona farm are paired with crisp basil leaves and freshly pulled mozzarella. And no matter which sandwich you get, the bread is one of the best parts: the straight-from-the-wood-fired-oven circular loaves have just the right chew, dotted with charred crispy spots on top. More

A Sandwich a Day: Caprese Croissant at 30th Street Cafe in San Diego, CA

This Caprese sandwich from 30th Street Cafe is proof that a few quality ingredients are all you need to make an excellent sandwich. It's made with fresh mozzarella, herbaceous pesto, tomato slices and vinaigrette, served on your choice of bread (as a traditional sandwich or a panino). I upgraded my bread to a fresh-baked, flaky croissant ($1 extra)—it was the right call. My only regret was agreeing to split it. More

Dinner Tonight: Sea Scallops alla Caprese

Taking a cue from the piazza style of cooking (which produces similar results to the Spanish technique of cooking seafood a la plancha), this recipe calls for cooking the scallops on a blazing hot surface inside of a grill. From there, it's pretty familiar: grilled red onion, a simple dressing of olive oil and lemon juice, and fragrant basil over the whole mess. For me, it was all a lovely goodbye to summer. More

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