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Escape To Find These Unusual Egg Dishes

Omelets, scrambles, eggs Benedict: you know all about those. But eggs can be used in some more creative ways, too. An egg suspended in the bread of a brunch sandwich? A literal interpretation of "green eggs and ham"? We're fans of slightly offbeat egg dishes. Here are 5 of our favorites across the country. What's your favorite unusual egg dish? More

Where Would You Escape For Pancakes?

There are many pancakes in the world undeserving of your time and attention. Ones that are dull, or leaden, or nothing more than vehicles for syrup. But truly great pancakes—those are worth a special trip. Here are 5 pancakes across the country we're crazy about, from super-crisp ones in Pittsburgh to foie gras–topped ones in New York. More

Where Would You Escape To For Breakfast Pastries?

Is there any better feeling in the morning than opening the door of a bakery, and getting hit with warm butter-scented air rushing out? We're huge fans of breakfast pastries, and while we all dream of having the perfect bakery right in our neighborhood, there are some so amazing that we'd travel distances to get there. A perfect pain au chocolat, morning bun, or almond croissant is a treat worth seeking out. Here are 5 bakeries across the country we'd deem worth a special trip. More

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