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3 Delicious Aguas Frescas To Make At Home

Aguas Frescas, which translate literally as "fresh waters," are iced drinks made from infusions of water and herbs, grains, fruits, or vegetables. They're perfect for this time of year because they practically beg to be sipped outside and they're very easily scaled up to make a refreshing pitcher drink. More

Pimm's and Cantaloupe

This is a lovely, iced tea-colored sipper that refreshes perfectly, and wonderfully complements a smoky prosciutto on toast. It's drier than your standard Pimm's Cup, with just soda, ginger, and lemon slices instead of sweet sparkling lemonade, and wedges of heirloom cantaloupe instead of cucumbers (they're botanical cousins). More

Preserved: Cantaloupe Conserve

Cantaloupes are a very low acid fruit, which means that typically they are not good candidates for canning. But in this conserve they are combined with juicy fresh peaches and a healthy dose of lemon juice, which ups the acid level enough so that they can be safely preserved. Simmering the conserve for over an hour really concentrates the fruit, resulting in a deep, pure melon flavor. More

Cantaloupe Conserve

The combination of ripe peaches and floral, sweet melon make for a perfect end-of-summer treat. Try this conserve over slices of pound cake or zucchini bread, or served alongside cornbread and grilled ribs. More

Seriously Italian: Gelato di Melone

Hot, muggy days are made for gelato di melone. Ripe melons have a high sugar and water content as well as dense flesh, resulting in a creamy-textured gelato without the addition of eggs or milk. If you want that extra bit of dimension from a just bit of dairy, my trick is to add a small amount of yogurt; the acidity gives a pleasing, subtle tang to offset the natural sweetness of the melon. More

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